Oregon Football: Ducks 10 Best Defensive Plays of the Past 10 Years

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IJuly 25, 2011

Oregon Football: Ducks 10 Best Defensive Plays of the Past 10 Years

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    Over the past 10 years, not only has the Oregon offense contributed with some outstanding plays but the defense has stepped up as well.

    From big hitters like J.D. Nelson to game changers like Cliff Harris, the Ducks defense has not been short on talent.

    Here are 10 of the best plays on the defensive side of the ball from the past 10 years.

No. 10: The Pick

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    Sure, this is supposed to be a list of plays from the last 10 years, but let's be honest, what would a list of Oregon defensive plays be with having "The Pick" on it?

No. 9: Flying V Fumble Return

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    A big play from the 2010 season happened during the Oregon-Stanford game. After fighting back into the game, Oregon and its defense made this huge play. Fast forward to 0:42 to see the defense come up big.

No. 8: John Boyett Puts Six on the Board

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    In a game full of turnovers, John Boyett capitalized on a bad pass and put the Ducks ahead early. The turnovers would continue throughout the game.

No. 7: Blair Phillips Brings the Pain

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    One of the biggest hitters the Oregon defense had seen in a while was Blair Phillips. Watch Phillips bring the pain in this play against Arizona.

No. 6: J.D. Nelson Puts It on Fresno

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    Speaking of big hits, J.D Nelson was no stranger to them during his time at Oregon. In a game against Fresno State, watch Nelson take the wind out of the Bulldogs sails.

No. 5: Patrick Chung Takes It Back for Six

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    In its last home game of the season, Oregon pulled out all the stops as it wore its all-black uniforms for the first time. With an early lead, watch Patrick Chung step up huge.

No. 4: WT3 Picks off the Beavers for Six

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    With the chance to head to the Rose Bowl, Oregon State needed to beat the Ducks. The game was full of highlights for the Ducks, and one of the most impressive defensive plays happened at the 2:20 mark.

No. 3: Harper's Interception Beats the Trojans

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    In 2007, the Ducks had a magical season going, and this interception ensured a home victory over the Trojans.

No. 2: T.J. Ward Bends Robinson in Half

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    One of the biggest bowl game highlights over the past year was in the 2008 Holiday Bowl. In this game, T.J. Ward delivered a huge blow to Zac Robinson.

No.1: Cliff Pick Six

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    In 2010, Oregon was in a tight game against the Vols, and with Tennessee driving deep into Oregon territory, Cliff Harris turned the tables for good.