Miss Ouri- Mizzou From a Lady POV

Matt ThielSenior Analyst INovember 4, 2008

A few weeks back, Miss Head dropped a bombshell on me. "Chase Daniel is effing hot".

I'm comfortable enough with myself as a guy to realize things from a lady's point-of-view sometimes, but that one statement damn near floored me. I just don't see it.

For reasons far beyond my knowledge, we here at the Mizzourah offices have realized that we actually have women readers! No, we don't stalk them by leaving mix tapes of Marching Mizzou on their doorsteps, but instead embrace it by giving the women what they want; Tiger football from a woman's POV.

1). You can give Chase Coffman a makeover. What do you do?
I dunno dude. Give him the sexy hair he had in high school. He looks pretty damn hot to me. He needs to get into some polos though. His scraggly t-shirts are driving me nuts:

2). Is Gary Pinkel a D.I.L.F.? (that looks so dirty on my computer screen)
After looking at some google pictures, I'm inclined to say yes. Don't judge me.

3). Chase Daniel- yes or no?
I want to rub his little budda budda tummy. Not a huge fan of the butt chin though, but if his face is where its supposed to be, it won't matter anyway. (Ed note—Mary may have just gotten this post flagged with the last line. That's the dirtiest line ever to hit Mizzourah. Congrats are definitely in order.)

4). Multiple choice- Kurtis Gregory's beard and 'stache
a). Kick ass
b). Not so much
c). Women don't understand the dedication it takes to grow a kick ass beard and 'stache
d). Ginger kids should avoid any facial hair.

b. Too scraggly. He looks like a 13 year old with spray paint on his face.