West Virginia Football: 5 Things the Mountaineers Must Do to Win the Big East

Scott Pauley@scott.pauleyAnalyst IJuly 20, 2011

West Virginia Football: 5 Things the Mountaineers Must Do to Win the Big East

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    The last of the old-school college football conferences, the Big East is the only conference that does not have a championship game. Because of this, one may think winning the Big East would be a lot easier of a task. 

    Think again!  

    In order to win the Big East, a team must dominate all season—the West Virginia Mountaineers have done this six times since 1993.

    Can they do it again? The possibility is great.

    However, a few things need addressed—here are five, to be exact.


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    With the resignation of Bill Stewart and other coaching changes, new head coach Dana Holgorsen needs to be sure players and coaches come together and form a bond.

Let It Go...Bill Stewart Is Gone

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    There have been quite a number of controversies surrounding WVU football over the last year. The team needs to forget the bad press and press on toward the goal of winning ballgames.

Pat White-out

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    Though he could be touted as the best player to ever don the old gold and blue, Pat White is no longer playing for the Mountaineers. Allow Geno Smith to lead the team with his style of play.

Run Wild

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    With the departure of both Noel Devine and Jock Sanders, the backfield is totally empty. 

    Ryan Clarke, Ricky Kovatch and Matt Lindamood are all vying for the short yardage slot, while Vernard Roberts, Daquan Hargrett and Trey Johnson continue to impress at the A-back position. 

    However, in order to get a good ground game, Holgorsen needs to ensure that a solid and consistent player is chosen for starting role.


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    Although coach Holgorsen’s claim to fame is the pass, he may need to leave the pass play out from time to time. 

    The Big East has never been a huge passing conference, so we shouldn’t expect it overnight.

    Tavon Austin can catch the ball like Bill Dance can catch a fish. However, there are only so many plays a team can run with mediocre receivers.

What Are the Odds?

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    All in all, WVU has a good chance of winning the Big East. 

    But with a mostly new coaching staff and a brand new host of running backs, winning may not be everything.