Utah Football: Every Ute Fan's Top Moments of the 2010 Season

Dan Condie@@4thand1sportsContributor IIIJuly 19, 2011

Utah Football: Every Ute Fan's Top Moments of the 2010 Season

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    As every college football fan knows, there is more than just your own team's success to love about the football season. There's also those sweet losses experienced by your less-than-favorite teams.

    This past 2010 season of college football featured a few of those such moments. Here's a rundown of the top Ute fans' highlights of last year.

Brian Blechen's Interception in OT Against Pitt

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    This game had multiple amazing moments, but the icing on the cake to this game was Brian Blechen deciding to have a break out party in his first start/game of his collegiate career. 

    Blechen was a playmaker at strong safety all season long and proved why he shot up the depth chart as a true freshman. And yes, he was recruited as a quarterback/linebacker out of high school. Needless to say, I am stoked to see how he'll do back at LB next season.

Utah State Beats BYU Handily in Logan

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    Ute fans absolutely love this video for a few reasons.

    First, it involves BYU losing, which is never a bad thing for those in red. More importantly, it involves BYU losing to Utah State. Even the most Utah-ignorant fan of college football knows enough to be familiar with the lack of success from Utah State. The fact that they shellacked the Cougars on ESPN prime time brings happiness to at least one other in-state school besides Utah State.

    As one in the crowd that stormed the field, it was also a great personal sports experience.

Boise State Missed Two Late Field Goals to Lose to Nevada in OT

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    This may be more of a personal favorite as well, but I know plenty of Ute faithful that are more than tired of hearing about Boise State spoken of as BCS-Buster poster children when the Utes' resume is much more impressive. For that reason, I secretly cheer for the underdog WAC teams playing Boise.

    Oh, by the way, Utah has actually busted the BCS, as they are now BCS affiliated. Wouldn't that make Boise State "Mountain West busters?"

No. 1 Moment: November 27, 2010 "The Block"

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    The block. Those words raise Cougar blood levels throughout the state of Utah.Hearing about it is one thing, watching it quite another, but actually being there was indescribable.

    Every person in that stadium thought it was gonna be a blue day in Salt Lake. BYU kicker Mitch Payne had been automatic all day, hitting his previous three field goals. The kick wasn't a chip by any means, 42 yards. Burton came right through with hardly a nudge from Y TE Devin Mahina and laid off perfectly for the block.