Week 10 College Football Power Rankings

T.P. GrantAnalyst INovember 2, 2008

1. Texas (8-1)

Wins over No. 1 Sooners, No. 11 Mizzouri, and No. 6 OSU and their one loss comes to the No. 7 Texas Tech Red Raiders. They have one of the finest defenses in the nation, and an outstanding offense and great special teams

2. Penn State (9-0)

Wins over No. 22 Illinois and No. 9 Ohio State, no losses. Offense has shown serious issues in recent games, we aren't sure on the status of their starting QB who failed to finish the game against OSU. Their defense comes to play for sure and they have 1 ranked team left on their schedule.

3. OU Sooners (8-1)

Wins over No. 24 TCU (now a top 15 team) and No. 16 Kansas (now unranked) and a loss to No. 5 Texas. They are playing insane football and are being very underrated by everyone else right now, outside of a instant classic shoot out loss to Texas they would easily be the top team in the nation.

They have scored at least 35 points in every game they have played in. They have Ok State and TTU to close the year and should win at least one of those games if not both.

4. Florida (7-1)

Wins over No. 4 LSU and No. 6 Georgia by a combined 100-31, but the worst loss in the top five to a 5-4 Ole Miss team. As a result they can't leap any of the top three teams, but if any of those teams stumble, Florida is in great position to leap up to the top two with FSU and the SEC championship game left on the schedule.

5. Alabama (9-0)

Wins over No. 9 Clemson and No. 3 Georgia, but both those teams are looking shaky and those were both very early games and its very clear now that Clemson was not a top 10 team coming into this season.

No losses, but i think the fact that Florida has matched and bettered what the Tide has done in the SEC puts the Gators ahead until their likely meeting in Championship week.

6. USC (7-1)

Wins over No. 5 Ohio State and No. 23 Oregon with a bad loss to the other-other OSU. They have been rolling through a very weak PAC-10 this season and Cal will likely be the last ranked team they play until Bowl time and they get the bump over TTU because we all know Pete Carrol team's can handle success.

Their defense is amazing, full of NFL players and the offense is talented but young, but they are gathering steam going into bowl season.

7. Texas Tech (9-0)
Wins over No. 23 Kansas and No. 1 Texas with no losses. The biggest detractor is they played NO BCS conference teams for the first four weeks, playing Eastern Washington, Nevada, Southern Methodist and Massachusetts.

Clearly their SOS isn't strong enough at this point to justify them being a top five team, but with games against OK State and OU and a possible appearance in the Big 12 championship game, there is plenty of time left for the Raiders to prove themselves.


8. Oklahoma State (8-1)

Win over No. 3 Mizzou on the road and their lone loss comes to is at No. 1 Texas. They have outstanding talent and just like everyone else in the Big 12 has the rest of their big games coming to move up.


9. Utah (9-0)

Win over Air Force who i have had ranked for several weeks now, but no wins over formally ranked teams. No losses and still have games against other MWC powerhouses TCU and BYU.

10. Boise State (8-0)

Win over No. 17 Oregon and one of the most impressive non-BCS programs is just rolling. They will land a very nice bowl game for sure.

When you really break it down, Texas is clearly the most accomplished team in the nation and deserves the No. 1 spot despite losing a game this week.