Oy Vey If Alabama, Penn State and Texas Tech All Go Undefeated or All Lose

HD Handshoe - BlockONation.com@BlockONationAnalyst INovember 2, 2008

It was thought that three unbeaten teams could really throw the BCS for a loop.

That still may happen, even if the three teams aren't the same three everyone expected them to be.

When the new BCS standings are released, Alabama, Penn State and Texas Tech are expected by most to comprise the top three, although the order they may be ranked is subjective.

Texas Tech, after beating No. 1 Texas, has added its' name to the list of unbeaten teams that may eventually bring down the broken BCS system in favor of a playoff; just don't hold your breath.

The Longhorns finally succumbed to defeat after winning their previous three games, all vs. ranked opponents. Their fourth straight ranked opponent did what the others couldn't do. The Red Raiders were able to mix in running the ball effectively with their awesome passing game and defensively, they contained Colt McCoy.

However, Texas Tech is just beginning its' "Texas-like" tough stretch of their schedule and would seem to be the least likely to run the table.

Next up they host No. 9 Oklahoma State, then after an off week, travel to Norman to face the No.4 Sooners before concluding their season at home vs. an unranked, but underrated, Baylor team led by yet another Big 12 star QB, Robert Griffin.

Penn State and Alabama each have much less ambitious schedules remaining.

The Nittany Lions, coming off their first victory vs Ohio State in Columbus in 30 years and fresh from a bye week, travel to Iowa to face underrated RB Shonn Green and then finish up at home vs Indiana and No. 22 Michigan State. While Iowa and Michigan State could each pose a challenge, PSU will be favored in all three of their remaining games and should win out.

As for Alabama, if the Tide can get past (overrated) No. 15 LSU in Baton Rouge this week, it appears to be smooth sailing afterwards with home games vs. Mississippi State and underachieving Auburn en-route to the SEC Championship Game.

Texas Tech is the only team of the three with at least two very legitimate chances to lose and that scenario presents still more BCS uncertainty.

Who would be the best one loss team?




Texas Tech?

Let's say all three (Alabama, Penn State, Texas Tech) lose one of their remaining games.

That could potentially leave non-BCS conference busters Boise State, Utah or TCU as the only unbeaten FBS teams and the likes of Alabama, Texas, Texas Tech, Penn State, Oklahoma, Florida and Oklahoma State all sitting with one loss.

Could, should or would the BCS then invite one of those non-BCS schools to play for the title and if so, who would play against them? How could it be decided fairly?

The answer: It couldn't and therein lies the problem with the BCS. It's based on two human polls so it's all a popularity contest.

Can you even imagine what a catastrophe the BCS would be in for if this plays out?

Can you imagine the outrage of whomever is left out?

SEC fans, somewhat like Yankee fans, see it as their divine right to play for the title every year. So much so that the South might just finally rise again!

Seriously though, maybe this is just the sort-of blunder college fans have been waiting for.

It might be the only way a playoff system ever gets any serious consideration.

I always root for the underdog unless my team happens to be the favorite anyway, so I'll be rooting harder than ever the rest of this season for complete and utter disarray to befall the BCS.


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