Ohio State Football: 5 Reasons Braxton Miller Will Be Better Than Terrelle Pryor

Eddie WaltersAnalyst IIJuly 22, 2011

Ohio State Football: 5 Reasons Braxton Miller Will Be Better Than Terrelle Pryor

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    All of the off-the-field issues aside, Terrelle Pryor was statistically a great Ohio State quarterback; 2-1 in Bowl games, 3-0 against Michigan 31-4 as a starter, but Braxton Miller will be the better of the two once his college career comes to an end. 

    Terrelle Pryor was one of the most sought after high school recruits ever, and although Braxton Miller's recruiting trail lacked the drama of Pryor's—Buckeye Nation is every bit as eager to see what Miller can do on Saturdays as they were with Pryor. 

    Braxton Miller has been compared to Terrelle Pryor ever since he committed with the Buckeyes, but these two are completely different quarterbacks and Braxton Miller's Buckeye days will come to a close in much better fashion then his counterparts did. 

5. Reading Defenses

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    I'm not saying Braxton Miller will come in his freshman year and be better at reading defenses then Terrelle Pryor is now, but he will be in the future. 

    Terrelle Pryor struggled more at reading defenses then at any other aspect of his game. He had trouble picking up blitzes and also deciding when when to audible out of a run to a pass. 

    It was obvious that Pryor simply dominated his high school years by just being the best athlete on the field by far. Braxton Miller had the same kind of great athleticism in high school, (not quite as good as Pryor) but he was the more traditional quarterback of the two.  

4. Decision-Making

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    This one could be applied on the field or off the field. 

    Off the field, we all know the troubles Terrelle Pryor got in and I have to think that Braxton Miller will make better decisions than Pryor did off the field. In fact, I would be shocked if Braxton Miller ever gets in any kind of trouble. 

    Terrelle Pryor's on-field decision making was much better then his off-field decision making, but he would still make one of two plays a game that would leave you scratching your head.

    Whether it be an errant throw, or the decision to force a pass when running lanes were open, Pryor struggled at times with his decision making, even appearing hesitant at times.

    Sure with the exception of the Ohio State spring game we only can go off of what Braxton Miller did in high school, but his decision-making just seems so much more precise. Miller knows what he wants to do with the ball, and he does it.  

3. Better Arm

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    If you watch tape on Braxton Miller, within the first 30 seconds you'll realize one thing—Braxton Miller's throwing mechanics are already a head abover where Pryor's are now.

    If there's one pass that Terrelle Pryor struggled to make, it was any pass under 10 yards. Pryor never looked confident with his short passes, often times under or over-throwing his targets.

    Braxton Miller on the other hand shows great finnesse on his short passes often times delivering them on a rope, more in the likes of Troy Smith than Terrelle Pryor.

2. Leadership

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    Braxton Miller started in high school since his freshman year, and even when his team wasn't that good—he always stayed positive and calm. 

    There may be a reason why Jim Tressel never named Terrelle Pryor a captain. He was a great player, but that never seemed to translate into being a great leader.

    There were numerous occasions when Pryor seemed to throw his hands in the air when a player dropped a pass, or when he threw on interception he would right it off as being a bad route—not great signs of a leader. 

    Miller won't be a captain his first or second years on campus, but he will be expected to lead the team most likely from Week 1—and he will be up for the task. 

1. Ego

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    Terrelle Pryor's ego was evident before he ever stepped foot on campus at Ohio State. Pryor has even said that when he fist came to Ohio State he felt untouchable, and it took an embarrassing loss at Purdue to truly humble him. 

    Now don't get me wrong, any quarterback of a major university is going to have somewhat of an ego. The problems is when that ego falls more into arrogance then confidence. 

    This is where Braxton Miller seems far different then Terrelle Pryor. Miller is a confident kid, and why shouldn't he be? He's as gifted an athlete can be and he will  most likely start from Week 1 at Ohio State, but in no way does Miller come off as being arrogant.

    He in no way has that "I'm bigger then the program mentality," he just appears cool, calm and confident.