Ohio State Football: Vacating 2010 Season Means Nothing

Jerome FosterContributor IIIJuly 8, 2011

Ohio State announced it would vacate its entire 2010 season, including the Sugar Bowl win over Arkansas.
Ohio State announced it would vacate its entire 2010 season, including the Sugar Bowl win over Arkansas.Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Ohio State vacated its entire 2010 season. The victories forfeited include a Sugar Bowl victory over Arkansas.

The vacating of wins is a attempt to keep the NCAA from imposing harsher sanctions on the Buckeyes for the Terrelle Pryor/Jim Tressel scandal.

While Ohio State vacated its wins, it failed to impose the harsher sanctions of a postseason ban and scholarship reductions.

At the end of the day, the Buckeyes self-imposed penalty means absolutely nothing.

Vacating wins does nothing to make a school less attractive to high school players.

Does anybody really think USC has fallen off because of the vacating of the wins for the Reggie Bush scandal? I hope not.

USC has fallen because the Trojans are less attractive to play for now because they were banned from bowl games from this past season and this upcoming season.

They've fallen because they can't bring in the same number of quality of recruits because of the reduction in scholarships and the fact that Pete Carroll high-tailed it to Seattle when the NCAA was closing in on the Trojans.

If I was a recruit that was considering the Buckeyes, I'd still be considering them. They can still go to bowl games and they will still bring in excellent recruiting classes until harsher penalties are imposed.

If Ohio State wanted to show it was serious, the Buckeyes would've gone farther with the self-imposed sanctions.

How bad is a self-imposed penalty if it doesn't hurt the school?

The vacating of the wins solves nothing because it doesn't hurt the Buckeyes on the field.

There is no way Ohio State can get off the hook without scholarship reductions and a post-season ban, especially after the way the NCAA hammered USC for the Reggie Bush scandal.

Ohio State shouldn't get too comfortable. If the Buckeyes think these sanctions will keep the NCAA off of them, they're wrong.

Ohio State will get further disciplinary action from the NCAA, even if it is six years down the road.