College Football Week 10 Complete Predictions and Scores

Jonny SAnalyst IOctober 31, 2008

Last week I had my worst week but still had a fairly decent record in predicting games. My upset specials for Kansas and Tennessee didn't work out, but I was right on with Virginia over Georgia Tech and Wisconsin ending their three-game losing streak. 

Week 10 has some great matchups, including the always exciting Florida vs. Georgia game, and of course, the big Texas vs. Texas Tech battle at 8 PM Saturday night. The games fall one day after Halloween, so perhaps this week we find out what teams are treats and what teams have tricked us all.

Enjoy the games and feel free to chime in with your predictions as well!


Northwestern at No. 17 Minnesota

WINNER: Minnesota 28-16


Wisconsin at No. 21 Michigan State

WINNER: Michigan St. 31-17


West Virginia at No. 25 UCONN

WINNER: UPSET ALERT, West Virginia wins 30-20


Miami at Virginia

WINNER: Virginia 20-17


Michigan at Purdue

WINNER: Purdue 23-15


Auburn at Ole Miss

WINNER: Ole Miss 24-14


Kansas State at Kansas

WINNER: Kansas in a shootout, 44-38


No. 18 Tulsa at Arkansas

WINNER: UPSET ALERT, Arkansas wins 35-31


Pittsburgh at Notre Dame

WINNER: Notre Dame 27-20


Arkansas State at No. 2 Alabama

WINNER: Alabama (Closer than many expect at half, Bama dominates second half) 35-14


No. 14 Missouri at Baylor

WINNER: Missouri 49-17


No. 8 Florida vs. No. 6 Georgia

WINNER: Georgia 35-33


Iowa State at No. 9 Oklahoma State

WINNER: Oklahoma St. 34-14


No. 15 Florida State at Georgia Tech

WINNER: Florida State 22-13


No. 24 Oregon at California

WINNER: UPSET ALERT, Cal wins 31-27


Clemson at Boston College

WINNER: UPSET ALERT, Clemson stuns BC 24-20


No. 20 BYU at Colorado State



Washington at No. 5 USC



No. 11 Boise State at New Mexico State

WINNER: Boise State 45-9


Tennessee at South Carolina

WINNER: South Carolina 20-10


Nebraska at No. 4 Oklahoma

WINNER: Oklahoma 44-17


No. 13 TCU at UNLV

WINNER: TCU escapes 24-21


Tulane at No. 19 LSU

WINNER: (Closer than most think for a while) LSU 28-13


No. 10 Utah at New Mexico

WINNER: UPSET ALERT, New Mexico ends Utah's BCS chances, 27-24


Arizona State at Oregon State

WINNER: Oregon State 28-20


No. 1 Texas at No. 7 Texas Tech

WINNER: UPSET ALERT, Texas Tech shocks the Longhorns in a shootout, 42-38


Enjoy your Halloween weekend and enjoy the games!