Oregon Ducks Football: 5 Coaches Who Could Replace Chip Kelly

Alex Shoemaker@https://twitter.com/#!/MrAlexShoemakerAnalyst IIJuly 4, 2011

Oregon Ducks Football: 5 Coaches Who Could Replace Chip Kelly

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    It seems that every day more information is being released about the University of Oregon football program that will eventually lead to the demise of coach Chip Kelly.

    Seeing as Kelly's days are numbered, here is a list of the five coaches most likely to replace him.


5. Urban Meyer

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    There is no questioning Meyer’s ability as a coach.

    As head coach at Bowling Green, Utah and Florida, Meyer earned an astounding record of 104-23 (.819) and 7-1 (.875) in bowl games.

    It’s likely Meyer won’t stay in retirement forever, and taking over a crumbling program is exactly what Meyer will look for.

4. Mike Leach

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    The former Texas Tech coach is infamous for being fired after allegedly forcing Adam James (son of ESPN’s Craig James) into a “darkened garage” while he was still recovering from a concussion.

    This man is exactly the type of person the University of Oregon should be looking for.

    He obviously has great experience with negative press. Who better to turn the program back around?

3. Jim Tressel

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    Oh, Jim Tressel. You had to have known he would be on this list.

    After run-ins with the NCAA at both Youngstown State and “the” Ohio State University, Tressel must have by now learned his lesson.

    His decision to not report players violating rules to the NCAA eventually cost him his job, increasing the already high unemployment rate.

    I see you, Tressel. You’d look good in green and yellow.

2. Rick Neuheisel

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    This one is my personal favorite.

    If you call yourself a Ducks fan, you hate “Neuweasel.” For those who don’t know why Ducks fans hate the man, read this article.

    Neuheisel is the current head coach of the UCLA Bruins, but in three seasons, he has a dismal record of 15-22.

    I’m sure Ducks fans want nothing more than to see Neuheisel as head coach.

1. Mike Bellotti

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    Now, I’m going to claim credit for being the first person to speculate Bellotti as a potential candidate. I’m probably not the first, but I’ll choose to believe I am.

    Anyways, Bellotti is the perfect candidate to replace Chip. He’s been the head coach before, and he left on a good note.

    I have a feeling he is unhappy working for ESPN and would like to return to Ducks Football.

    Why else would he still live here?

    Look for Bellotti to be the (next?) Ducks football coach.