Three Stages Of Crimson Tide Fandom

Ctrl-Alt-DelCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2008

See if these three different stages of 'Bama fandom apply to any of you, perhaps all three.

Look at us, the once proud 'Bama nation.

Teeming crowds of supremely confident fans more knowledgeable than any others used to walk with heads held high. Confident and gracious in victory and humble in what used to be rare defeats.

Yes, we were the epitome of class backed by a team feared from coast to coast. For decades one upon the other, spanning many coaches and many different seasons, the Alabama Crimson Tide faithful were on the top of the mountain.

As the years went on and time rolled forward, little did we know that venom and bitter hatred was brewing and marinating and bubbling over in the blackened hearts of our rivals.

As we fell on hard times, our rivals and everyone else seized our throats and wished to choke us into oblivion. They mocked us and ridiculed us, this also from coast to coast. We endured the constant and never ending attacks upon our team, our history, our future, our coaches, our very existence as fans.

We hung our heads at times and wondered if things would ever get better. We questioned what was happening and said, "why us, why 'Bama." We tried to figure out what made virtually every fanbase in the SEC derive so much pleasure out of belittling and haranguing us.

We never treated them this way when 'Bama was constantly and never ending pounding their teams into nothingness. We never harassed them and ridiculed them when they were not good enough to be on the field with our teams. We had class, or maybe times were just different then, I don't know.

We were truly forlorn, things were looking bleak for 'Bama fans, true despair was starting to sink into the hearts of some lifelong 'Bama fans.

Then, it happened. We had reason to be jubilant again. We had reason to believe that our almost decade long sentence to heartache and pain was going to commuted.

Everyone that was a true 'Bama fan had a glint in their eye, a sparkle that wasn't there before, things were going to be okay.

That sparkle is still there and that happiness that came with it is still there. Even though we had a less than average season last year, we knew that patience was a virtue and with time comes great rewards.

A hush fell over the entire Southeast on that day back in January of '07 as our new coach arrived in Tuscaloosa. In bar after bar all across the Southeast, slack jawed rival fans slobbered beer down their necks as they tried to process what they were seeing on the television. Moaning and wailing was heard from Knoxville down to Auburn, from Baton Rouge over to Gainesville. Television after television in home after home was snapped off in anger.

Sportscaster after sportscaster screamed in red faced fury at Alabama and it's fans and railed at the sheer audacity of our program. We didn't know our place and they did, yet, it was happening before their beady little eyes also.

We are resurgent. We have pride again. Our team is growing, taking shape, forming a bond and growing closer and stronger and more powerful with every passing day.

Times are changing and that team, those fans, those people that are so despised and scorned are going to bring that change to everyone. We are going to usher it in with a brute, unstoppable, rushing attack and rugged defense.

The Tide is going to roll, and when it does, it will be hard to stop and dynamics are going to shift. Thoughts are going to change, and 'Bama is going to stand tall again.

Rival fans of all stripes and colors will reap what they have sown. The team is forming it's nucleus of power and the fans are feeding it the energy it needs to develop. The Southeastern Conference is going to be, very soon, shook down to it's foundation when The Crimson Tide of Alabama is once again charging full steam ahead.

Roll Tide Roll!!!!