South Carolina Football 2011: Can the Team Find a Spot for Scott Wingo? Please?

Alex RobertsCorrespondent IJune 28, 2011

Butt in Face: A patented Wingo move.
Butt in Face: A patented Wingo move.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Look, I am not sure if Scott Wingo can do ANYTHING with a football.  However, this man is the most clutch player I have ever seen in any sport...ever. 

I don't care if he is just listed as Scott Wingo, waterboy.  Anyone who can come up as big as he does every time he is needed belongs around other players. 

Watching South Carolina baseball win games they have no business winning has to be inspiring for the football team.

The football team is missing the two things that have defined South Carolina baseball through its national championship run in 2010, and the things that have them one win away from a second in 2011: guts and the ability to battle through adversity. 

The teams motto, "Just Win," needs to be placed on the back of every piece of Gamecock athletic gear we have. 

The Gamecock football team is a talented team.  I don't believe anyone can argue that.  They have a good "starting pitcher" in Stephen Garcia, a good "closer" in that nasty defense and they have great "fielding," with players like Alshon Jeffery and Marcus Lattimore.  (See what I did there?)

They are just missing the killer instinct that can take them to the next level. 

How can they find it?  Is it something that can be coached?

Ray Tanner proved that it CAN.  South Carolina's baseball team wins even with injuries, issues and being down late.

South Carolina's football team loses Lattimore to injury, and they forget how to play the sport.

I truly believe that this is the year that South Carolina turns the corner.  If they don't, I am not entirely certain they ever will.  I am obviously joking about bringing Wingo to the team, but South Carolina must find a killer instinct in order to take that step the passionate fans have been so desperately seeking.