Arkansas Football: 10 Dream Scenarios For 2011

James Brown@@chasingballgameSenior Analyst IJune 26, 2011

Arkansas Football: 10 Dream Scenarios For 2011

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    The Arkansas Razorbacks are ranked in the top 25 in the college football preseason polls, and that is just one of the reasons to get excited about the upcoming season.

    The Razorbacks play in the hardest conference in all of college football, so the season will surely be difficult to navigate. The Razorbacks return plenty of experience on both sides of the ball and if things align just right, the Razorbacks could compete for a national title.

    The Arkansas fans are dreaming of a championship season, and the sky is the limit for this team.

    Here are 10 dream scenarios for the Razorbacks in 2011.

Tyler Wilson Takes over with Ease

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    One of the biggest holes on the 2011 Razorback team is quarterback.

    Ryan Mallett is now a member of the New England Patriots, and he takes his Razorback legacy with him. Mallett carved up the SEC and led the Razorbacks to a BCS bowl in his last year.

    Now the job is in the hands of Tyler Wilson. The dream scenario for Razorback fans is that Wilson steps in without missing a beat. Bobby Petrino is an offensive mastermind and when he has the right tools, the Razorbacks are hard to stop. 

    It all starts with the quarterback, and Wilson has the chance to bring the Razorbacks to the top of the college football world.

The Offensive Line Gels

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    The next big question for the Razorbacks coming into 2011 is the offensive line. The Razorbacks have some holes to fill and if the transition is not seamless, the offense will suffer.

    The weapons on the offense could be rendered useless without a solid front line to protect the quarterback and make holes for the running backs.

    The dream scenario in 2011 is that the offensive line comes together early and is a force in the SEC.

Razorbacks Top the Charts on Defense

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    Defense is another question mark area for the Razorbacks.

    In 2010 the Razorbacks defense began to improve immensely, and although they are always overshadowed by the offense, they are beginning to stand out.

    Playing against the SEC means every week is a challenge, and the defense has to be ready to play. The dream scenario for the Razorbacks in 2011 is that the defense begins to get noticed as one of the better units in the country.

Knile Davis Emerges as Top Back

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    Knile Davis finished the year as the top running back on Arkansas and put up some gaudy numbers. In fact, he led running backs in rushing in the SEC and often eclipsed 100 yards rushing in every game.

    Davis became the go-to back in big games and always came through. Now Davis is back and is poised to become the leader of the team on the field and in the stat book.

    The dream scenario for the Razorbacks in 2011 will involve a banner year for Davis out of the backfield. Davis will top the country in rushing and get an invite to the Heisman Trophy ceremony.

Razorbacks Roll Over Tide

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    In 2010, Alabama made a trip to Arkansas to play the Razorbacks and narrowly escaped with a victory. Arkansas fans will never forget that game because they had a lead and if not for some tremendous running by 'Bama back Mark Ingram, the Hogs could have won.

    In 2011, the Hogs travel to Alabama looking for revenge. The dream scenario in 2011 would be for the Hogs to win at Alabama and secure revenge and the biggest win on the football season.

Petrino Gets Coach of the Year Honors

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    Bobby Petrino came to Arkansas under a cloud of controversy after an unsuccessful stint in the NFL.

    Petrino has proven his worth as a collegiate coach and has worked wonders during his tenure in Arkansas. It’s time that he is finally awarded for his hard work.

    Arkansas awarded him with a huge contract filled with incentives, but the dream scenario in 2011 is to have the country recognize his efforts.

    Bobby Petrino winning national coach of the year honors would be yet another dream scenario for the Razorbacks in 2011.

Hog-Tie a Heisman Trophy

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    The Razorbacks have had a few players get some Heisman hype but have yet to bring home college football’s most coveted prize.

    A dream scenario in 2011 would be to finally bring a Heisman to Arkansas. Knile Davis seems to be the most likely candidate for the award, but Andrew Luck will most likely be the preseason favorite.

Razorbacks Win the SEC

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    The dream scenario for any Razorbacks fan obviously would include an SEC Championship. In order to win the SEC, the Razorbacks will have to maneuver through a difficult schedule that includes difficult road games at Alabama and LSU.

    If the Hogs can manage wins in those difficult locations, the dream of winning the SEC may become a reality.

Razorbacks Go Undefeated

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    If one of the dreams in 2011 is for the Hogs to win the SEC, why stop there?

    It is very difficult to go undefeated in college football, but even tougher when you play in the most demanding conference in college football.

    The Razorbacks have the two tough road games against LSU and Alabama but also have to go up against Auburn, South Carolina, and Texas A&M.

    Finishing the 2011 campaign without a loss would be a dream that no Arkansas fan would want to wake up from.

Razorbacks Win National Championship!

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    Of course, no dream season would be complete without winning a college football national championship.

    The Razorbacks have the potential to fulfill this dream if all of the right pieces come together. They have a talented coach, a stable of returning talent, and a legitimate chance to win it all.

    If everything comes together, the Razorbacks dream season could be this year.  


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