College Football 2011: Las Vegas Says Auburn Tigers Are Underdogs in Eight Games

Puppet MasterCorrespondent IJune 23, 2011

College Football 2011: Las Vegas Says Auburn Tigers Are Underdogs in Eight Games

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    The Golden Nugget Entertainment Center in Las Vegas has published early betting lines for specific college football games in the 2011 season.

    Interested parties around the nation note that eight of those contests involve the defending BCS Champion Auburn Tigers.

    Incredibly, Auburn is the underdog in all eight games.

    Let's take a look in the following pages regarding what actions in the state of Nevada that could affect fortunes in the state of Alabama.

No Chance for a Repeat on the Plains?

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    Going into the first week of summer we find the oddsmakers of the Golden Nugget to be less than inspired about the possibility of a repeat championship from the prior year champion.

    That is not unusual.

    Since the creation of the BCS system in 1998 there has never been a back to back BCS Champion.

    Obviously a very difficult task.

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

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    The people who like to wager hard earned money on behalf of a tip or insight are often just who the casino is looking to exploit.

    Excuse please, that is "provide the opportunity for adults interested in taking a gamble."

    Followers of college football who bet with their hearts and not minds are a cash cow the merry-makers of Sin City can't get enough of on their way to the bank.

    Up to this point of the summer, the fans who love to shout "War Eagle" are not to be found.

    At least not according to how money is moving along the strip.

    So little support is being plunked down in actual dough on Tiger fortunes in 2011 the betting lines have actually moved further away from Auburn.

Behind the "Eight" Ball

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    Auburn opened as an underdog in seven of the eight games listed but has seen every contest move by at least two points to the advantage of their opponents.

    Because of this, Auburn went from being a favorite at home against Mississippi State to underdog status.

    Worse still, these early lines indicate scorekeepers of money placed and won believe Auburn is headed for a losing season just months after being unbeatable.

    If this happens, coach Gene Chizik (pictured) will find himself behind the proverbial eight ball due to dashed hopes of a dynasty in the making to equal the Pat Dye years in the 1980s.

Overview of Golden Nugget Odds Regarding the Eight Early Line Games of Auburn

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    Auburn is at least a five point underdog in all six of their away contests among the early games listed.

    Astonishingly, Alabama is a 12-point favorite at Auburn.

    Date     Opponent         Home/Away     Opened     Current Line

    9-10      Miss. State           Home          -3            +1

    9-17      Clemson               Away          +1            +5

    10-1      South Carolina      Away           +7           +9

    10-8      Arkansas              Away           +7           +9

    10-15    Florida                  Home           +1           +3

    10-22    LSU                      Away           +9           +11

    11-12    Georgia                 Away           +4           +9

    11-26    Alabama                Home          +8           +12

What Does This All Mean?

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    Before the demise of Auburn football can be celebrated by everyone not connected with the Tiger program, a small bit of information should be considered.

    How's that?

    In 2010 Auburn was hardly a preseason wonder with the gaming public. The Tigers improved during the season and by January were the best team in the country, when it counted.

    Will anyone step forward this season to rescue their fortunes?

    That cannot be predicted at this point but, we can suggest a historical precedent.

    The last quarterback to win the Heisman Trophy at Auburn was Pat Sullivan. He led the Tigers to a 9-2 record and the Sugar Bowl in his senior year.

    Conventional wisdom believed Auburn was finished without their star player.

    The next year the Tigers went 10-1, beat Alabama (in the famous punt 'Bama punt game), and defeated Colorado in the Gator Bowl.

    A better record and better results.

    How did it happen?

    It happened because the players did not care who bad-mouthed them, they just went out and did their job.

    It has happened before, it can happen again.