Pittsburgh Football: 8 Opponents We Would Love to See on Future Schedules

TCorrespondent IIIJune 22, 2011

Pittsburgh Football: 8 Opponents We Would Love to See on Future Schedules

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    Pittsburgh's non-conference schedule is slim these days.

    In five years, Pitt will renew its interstate rivalry with Penn State.

    But that's five years from now, what about sooner?

    Who should the Panthers take on from other conferences to ultimately boost their credibility in the BCS rankings?

    Here are eight opponents I would like to see Pittsburgh take on in the future.

Florida Gators

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    Either visiting the Swamp or staying home at Heinz, the Panthers would face a formidable opponent in the Gators.

    The Big East doesn't take on the SEC very often, but this would make an interesting matchup.

Oregon Ducks

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    East coast versus west coast matchup here. 

    Speed versus methodical offense.

    You get the picture.

    It would be interesting to see if the old-guard Panthers could keep up with the new-wave Ducks.

Ohio State Buckeyes

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    Based solely on proximity, the Buckeyes would make a great opponent for Pittsburgh.

    However, what if Ohio State is slammed with sanctions upon sanctions that cut down the talent pool in Pittsburgh's favor.

    This Pennsylvania-Ohio tilt would sway back in the Keystone State's favor.

Miami Hurricanes

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    The "U" isn't as daunting of an opponent as it was 10 years ago.

    However, this former Big East opponent would still be a major draw in Pittsburgh.

    It's still Miami with the mystique of being full of themselves, a perfect recipe for venom from opposing crowds.

Boise State Broncos

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    Both are outcasts from the BCS based on their respective conferences.

    The Broncos never get any respect, while the Panthers, who went 10-2 two seasons ago, were not considered for a New Year's Bowl.

    This would be an under-appreciated matchup if there ever was one.

Alabama Crimson Tide

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    What better way to improve your national standing then to go toe-to-toe with 'Bama?

    However, when the Tide rolls over the Panthers, it would prove to be an error in judgement on the schedule maker's part.

USC Trojans

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    This could either be a mismatch or the upset of the century.

    The Trojans are in some lean times due to the sanctions imposed upon them.

    Maybe this is the time for the Panthers to pounce.

Penn State Nittany Lions

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    I know they are on the schedule for a two-game series beginning in 2016, but this rivalry needs to live on past then.

    Penn State and Pittsburgh played each other for the better part of 70 years. 

    In-state rivalries are disappearing due to conference alignments and teams scheduling cupcake non conference opponents.

    This match up needs to live on past 2017.