College Football: The 25 Most Hated Programs of America's Favorite Sport

T.J. Mcaloon@@tjmcaloonContributorJune 22, 2011

College Football: The 25 Most Hated Programs of America's Favorite Sport

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    Holy Hell, does that picture of Urban Meyer, Albert the Gator and Tim Tebow just make your skin crawl?

    Doesn't it just make you want to punch your laptop or PC screen?

    Just the sight of these people (or animals, in Albert's case) brings out so much hate, not just in the SEC fanbase, but in all of College Football.

    With that being said, welcome to the 25 most hated programs in college football.

    Now, before you start clicking through these slides hoping your team didn't make this list, just know this is not a top 25 list. Whoever makes this list at No. 1 is not the most hated program; instead these are just 25 teams that are generally rooted against when they are on television.

    Now before we get to drink the haterade, let me lay down some ground rules as to WHY your precious team made this list:


    1.  These teams are based on past performances. If they won a BCS National Championship, they're probably on this list.

    2.  If your team is heavily promoted on television (Notre Dame) you're on this list.

    3.  If your team has smug alumni on ESPN telling the world how great that program is, you're on this list.

    4.  And finally, if you have to defend your school's program by saying the phrase, "Well, yeah, every school pays their players, it's called boosters!" then your team made this list.


    Now that you know what you're getting yourself into by clicking "Next," do not come crying below when you see your team on here.

25. Pittsburgh

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    There really is no reason to put the University of Pittsburgh's football program on this list.

    Half (if not all) of you readers probably cannot name a single player on their team.

    (Side note: please do not name their players below.)

    But this team has been a freaking thorn in my side for the past 28 years. So much has been made of this university's past with Heisman Trophy winners, National Championships and quarterbacks who led teams to undefeated seasons.

    Instead, the Pitt Panthers of the last decade have been stuck with .500 winning percentage seasons, mediocre coaches and only Heisman finalist.

    This one is a personal hate, but one you hate to love, like Kim Kardashian, Jersey Shore or the TV show Rookie Blue.

24. Duke

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    Stay with me here people.

    Yes, the Duke football program sucks.

    Yes, the football program hasn't had multiple winning seasons in quite some time.

    But it's that man up there, Coach K, who makes people hate the Duke University name.

    No matter which Duke sport is playing, that team will be met with a smatter of boo's. So to see a Duke team fail so much, as their football team does, almost feels nice.

23. North Carolina

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    Another team that does not have a real competitive football program to hate against, but it has the same carryover from the basketball hate, much like their rival Duke.

    UNC has been caught with recruiting violations as of late that may bring the program down. Much like USC and Ohio State were caught, Butch Davis (pictured above) had some recruiting violations under his watch that the NCAA is currently investigating.

    They may not have had the same success as some of the other big schools, but cheating is cheating no matter how many titles you happen to win.

22. Southern Methodist

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    If this list was done in the 1980's, this SMU team would be a lot higher on this list and would cause a lot of hate from college football fans. But there are people who remember what happened in Dallas during the time when SMU was king of the sport.

    ESPN's 30 for 30 series did a great job detailing their ways of paying players out of high school to play for the university. Now, they're more of a redemption story for people who missed out on this scandal.

    Still, those of you reading this who remember Eric Dickerson, Craig James and the rest of the Pony Express probably still hate the Mustangs and what they did to the game.

21. Texas Tech

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    Have they won anything in the last 15 years in college football?


    Have they acted like it?


    Sure, this hate is made out of just one season where this little program in Lubbock, Texas made No. 1 in the football rankings when they had a quarterback in Graham Harrell who looked destined to have a great career—in the Arena Football League—and a wide receiver in Michael Crabtree who, um, looked to be destined to have a great National Football League career?

    Oh, and they had that coach—Mike Leach—who acted, talked and treated his players like a pirate. Okay, two of the three he did; the last one, well, that's still out for debate.

    But if you need a good laugh at this fanbase, check out the Texas Tech Bell Ringer.

20. Utah

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    Dear Utah Utes,

    Please for the love of everything that is awesome stop throwing up the "U" hand gesture.

    You did not come up with it, nor does anyone think of the University of Utah when a casual fan sees you do it.

    You are not and never will be the original and only "U" Miami of Florida.

    Please stop, and have fun in the Pac-10, or 12, or whatever they're calling you guys now.

19. Penn State

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    Penn State, you get hated on because of these reasons, so pay attention because you do it every single year, and it's getting pretty redundant:


    1. We get it that you have a coach who will never die or will if you win the BCS National Championship.
    2. You will always get a nationally-televised game mid-way through the season, and your team will be 6-0. You will pack the stadium and have your little "White-Out." It will look cool and people will buy into this, but then you'll go out and lay an egg to an unranked Iowa team, thus pissing everyone off.
    3. Happy Valley.
    4. Why is the sky blue? Because God is a Penn State fan.
    5. Tent city before home games—I'm sure your family loves seeing you on ESPN in a tent during finals week, hearing you say how you've been out there the past four days.


    There are more, but it's already tiresome thinking of these reasons to hate you.

18. Hawaii

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    They get to play their home games in paradise while you get to shovel your driveway in the middle of October.

    If that doesn't anger you, then you either love the cold weather or hate flying.

17. West Virginia

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    To hate this West Virginia program, you have to look past the players and coaches, and look toward the fanbase that inhibits their home games.

    They are prone to lighting couches on fire, win or lose. They are known for throwing batteries and whatever objects they can find at opposing players. And they are known to have a head coach who has racked up quite the track record (according to Deadspin) on getting kicked out of hotel and golf course bars.

    The real treat that will draw the ire of the media this year is that inside of their stadium, the Mountaineers are allowed to serve alcohol; so take everything about their fanbase and multiply that by about 10.

16. Arizona State

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    Why do we hate you so much ASU? Is it because your teams are always so competitive with the rest of the Pac-10?

    Nah, that's not the reason.

    Maybe it's because you have one of the hottest fanbases and have been ranked as one of the best party schools, but still cannot produce a football team to get behind.

    Sure they will turn out, but come on ASU football, give these kids something to get really drunk and hook up over. These past few years of six, seven and eight-win football years were good, but the fans deserves more.

    Think of the children, oh why won't someone please think of the children!

15. Arizona

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    See: No. 16,  Arizona State.

    Except this team is slightly worse than their in-state rivals.

    Turn this program around for your coeds for Pete's sake!

14. Boston College

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    You have had one good player in what has seemed like the entire history of your program.

    One, that is it—just that one player.

    Okay, maybe two if Matt Ryan turns out to be the great NFL quarterback everyone says he will be.

    It is time to move on past Flutie and the Hail Mary pass against Miami. Until BC will do so, they will remain hated by the U's fanbase and people who are sick of seeing that play on loop for any football all-time highlight package.

13. Syracuse

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    This Syracuse team hasn't been competitive since Donovan McNabb was under center and Dwight Freeney was chasing down Big East quarterbacks—that was the early 2000's, now we are in the early 2010's.

    The Orange have gone through quite the rebuilding process that ended with a bowl game last year. This year they could have the same success by playing spoiler to a Big East team that has its sights on a conference title.

    'Cuse also practically has a built-in bowl game that is made for them in the Pinstripe Bowl (played at Yankee Stadium).

    Lastly, what the eff is an Otto the Orange? It's like Ronald McDonald's friend, Grimace.

    What the hell are they?

12. Stanford

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    Andrew Luck, you sir are favored to win the 2011 Heisman Trophy right now.

    You passed up fame and fortune (if the lockout gets resolved) in the NFL.

    You passed on becoming the No. 1 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

    Now if you do not go out, win this Heisman Trophy and lead the Stanford Cardinal to at least a BCS bowl game, you will have pissed off not only your fanbase, but all the people who commended you for coming back for your senior year.

    Don't believe me?

    Just ask Jake Locker from Washington what happened to his public persona and draft stock after his senior year bombed.

11. Oregon

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    This Oregon team got everyone to hate them when LeGarrette Blount punched out a Boise State football player after the Ducks lost in 2009.

    The team and their image was rebuilt after a great season that involved a great deal of touchdowns, their mascot (pictured above) doing push-up after push-up (after push-up) and big poster boards that helped call their offensive plays.

    Recently the school has come under fire for some recruitment violations that may result in some NCAA investigation—and we all know what happens when the NCAA comes sniffing around your school.

    Just ask Ohio State, USC and Tennessee how their meetings with the NCAA went.

    Oh, and enough with the uniforms. We all know Phil Knight, creator of NIKE, went to your school. For the love of our eyes, stop throwing colors against the wall to come up with your new uniforms.

10. Michigan

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    Ten years ago this Michigan team would be No. 1 with a bullet.

    Everyone hated what Michigan was and how they went about doing their business. Hell, the most hated NFL player—Tom Brady—came from the University of Michigan.

    Since head coach Lloyd Carr left Ann Arbor though, the team has never been the same. Their first season under new head coach Rich Rodriguez ended in sadness for Michigan fans but jubilation for Michigan haters. 

    During Rich Rod's tenure as the Michigan head coach, the team fell from its pedestal of hatred among fans. They've become a comedy act new head coach Brady Hoke has to clean up. 

9. Auburn

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    This time last year this Auburn team is not on this list.

    Yes, just a year ago this Auburn football team was just another SEC team much like Mississippi State, South Carolina and Tennessee; good teams that would play on Jan. 1 for their bowl games, but not the national title threat LSU, Alabama and Florida were. 

    Now all of that has changed. 

    Auburn has been under fire for the recruitment of their best player, Cam Newton. Accusations about Cam's father putting a price tag like a agent does a NFL player during free agency ran wild during Auburn's title run. 

    It got so heated that an Alabama fan went to Auburn and allegedly poisoned their famous trees. 

    The hate is at a max on Gene Chizik's football team this year, and the college football world will be happy if they suffer a fall from the top. 

    Everyone hates a winner, and a champion makes them hate you even more. Just ask the Yankees, Steelers, Heat and Red Wings why the majority of their sports' fanbases are happy when they fail. 

8. Miami (Fla.)

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    The Miami Hurricanes were the 1-B to the most hated teams since 1990. With their cocky swagger, their take-no-prisoners attitude to football and their unbelievable talent, this team made everyone across the country hate them to a record level.

    When the Notre Dame Fighting Irish had a series of games with the Hurricanes, the media dubbed it, "Catholics versus Convicts." 

    They knew everyone hated them, and they didn't give a [bleep].

    You wanted them to get beat on the field, and their response was, "Eff you." You wanted them to get suspended for their play on the field, and their conduct off the field was, well, eff you. You didn't like their clothes or Luther Cample hanging around them, eff you again. 

    Sure they are in a down time now, but for the better part of 15 years the Hurricanes' football program was always considered a national title favorite, and it made all the other 119 NCAA Division I fans furious. 

7. Texas Christian and Boise State

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    You know who hates these programs the most?

    Mostly every SEC fan of a one-loss team, because of their inclusions in recent BCS bowls. Teams now have to play perfect seasons, which is damn near impossible for teams in tough BCS conferences such as the Big 12, Big Ten and of course, the SEC. 

    TCU and Boise State frustrate those schools because they have to play one or two tough games in their non-conference schedule, then move onto their weaker conferences to play teams BCS conferences usually schedule as "cream puff" games. 

    Do these two schools deserve the same rights as a school from a BCS conference? That's up to debate between these fans. 

    For now mid-majors, everyone who doesn't get your cushy schedules is envious of you and hates you.

6. Texas

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    Texas Longhorn cheerleaders plus the captain of the New York Yankees equals HULK SMASH! 

    Not only are the Texas Longhorns everywhere on ESPN, but now they have their own television network sponsored by ESPN. So you'll not only have wall-to-wall coverage of this Texas football program, but now you'll get to watch every Texas sport they have!

    YIPPPIEEE, HOOK EM! Bevo for everyone!

    Do you hate them yet?  

5. Oklahoma

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    The Oklahoma Sooners gained their hate way before you or I can remember.

    They have been around since the dawn of college football and have had countless great football players come through their program. That alone should draw hate and jealousy from football fans. 

    But it's the recent success and failures of this Oklahoma team that has gotten a new generation of fans to hate them. 

    First, it's their run of winning their conference, the Big 12. Every year they are at the top of the conference with Texas, and one of them ends up in a BCS game. For Oklahoma though, when given their four chances at winning the National Championship, they have failed three times. 

    Plus, what the hell is a Boomer Sooner? Wait don't answer that, no one wants to know. 

4. Ohio State

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    This is the current program where everyone is taking a turn kicking Brutus the Buckeye in his big head (pictured above). 

    The program tried to act as if nothing was wrong when all Hell was breaking loose around them. They played the, "We did nothing wrong, you are on a witch hunt," when allegations were coming out against them about players getting payed for signed jerseys and other memorabilia. 

    But even before that, people hated this school, this program and this fanbase.

    Sure, anytime Ohio State has a road game, their fans will travel. But it is their attitude that they are the best program going today that has people grinning from ear to ear hearing what could come down from the NCAA against the Buckeyes. 

    Not to mention whenever anyone asks a former player about Ohio State, they are corrected because they did not include "THE" before saying Ohio State. It's that smug attitude that is coming down from its high ivory tower now that THE NCAA is investigating their program. 

    Time will tell what happens to THE Ohio State University; either way, it will make THE fans of college football love every minute of it. 

3. Florida

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    Florida has a long history of winning football in the college ranks, and it all started with two scientist in Gainesville making a drink to help their athletes stay hydrated.

    Ugh, who knew a drink that millions of people drink today all started because it was about 110 degrees when these young men took the field for summer drills?

    Years after the invention of Gatorade came a head coach with a white visor who would walk the sidelines and get under the skin of every SEC coach. That man was Steve Spurrier, and his teams would produce national title contenders.

    From there he would go to the University of South Carolina after a failed run at the NFL. His departure brought in some coaches that didn't have the same impact.

    One coach did stay though, and he brought in the most hated and most loved player in possibly the history of the game.

    Urban Meyer was that coach, and Tim Tebow was that player.

    The two of them dominated the college game and drew the love and hate of the football world. 

    They were the John Cena and Vince McMahon of the NCAA. 

2. USC

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    Where do we begin with this program?

    Where can we start, because there is so much hate on this program.

    First, let's just look and stare with hatred that they have these cheerleaders, and we will never have a remote shot with any of them. 

    Second, they have the celebrity fanbase that seems to come out on camera when this team is winning. Since the sanctions on the program though, have you seen Snoop Dogg, Will Ferrell, Nick Lachey or any other stars who seemed to be everywhere during their national title runs? No.

    Third, the run from 2002-2005 ruined the game, even though we loved watching Reggie Bush and his video game moves against the college opposition. 

    Fourth, they now have Lane Kiffin as their head coach.

    Want to get in a quick fight in Knoxville, Tenn.?

    Bring up what a great job Lane is doing in USC. 

    Fifth and lastly, O.J. Simpson played there and still has his Heisman Trophy. 

1. Notre Dame

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    You either love this team or you hate them, there is no middle ground, as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are the 1A to Miami's 1B.

    This team has had countless movies, books and even songs written about them. They have the famous speeches, the traditions and their own television network dedicated to showing their games. 

    In fact, let's break away from the hate and bring up how Notre Dame's athletic program is under the jurisdiction of the Big East, BUT the football program is independent.

    Why and how can they do that you may ask? Because of the deal the football program has with NBC. It is because of that deal the program does not fully commit to any of the football conferences. 

    Are you a fan of the Big 12, Big Ten or Big East? Did you think during the reshuffling of the conferences last year that your conference was going to get Notre Dame to commit to your conference?

    Well too bad, because they were never going to give up that sweet, sweet NBC money. 

    Okay, enough of that rant—you get the point. There are numerous other reasons why people hate Notre Dame, but they would take up too much space here. 

    Instead here's the trailer from Rudy and all of its sappiness, enjoy!


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