College Football: The 25 Most Hated Programs of America's Favorite Sport

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College Football: The 25 Most Hated Programs of America's Favorite Sport
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Holy Hell, does that picture of Urban Meyer, Albert the Gator and Tim Tebow just make your skin crawl?

Doesn't it just make you want to punch your laptop or PC screen?

Just the sight of these people (or animals, in Albert's case) brings out so much hate, not just in the SEC fanbase, but in all of College Football.

With that being said, welcome to the 25 most hated programs in college football.

Now, before you start clicking through these slides hoping your team didn't make this list, just know this is not a top 25 list. Whoever makes this list at No. 1 is not the most hated program; instead these are just 25 teams that are generally rooted against when they are on television.

Now before we get to drink the haterade, let me lay down some ground rules as to WHY your precious team made this list:


1.  These teams are based on past performances. If they won a BCS National Championship, they're probably on this list.

2.  If your team is heavily promoted on television (Notre Dame) you're on this list.

3.  If your team has smug alumni on ESPN telling the world how great that program is, you're on this list.

4.  And finally, if you have to defend your school's program by saying the phrase, "Well, yeah, every school pays their players, it's called boosters!" then your team made this list.


Now that you know what you're getting yourself into by clicking "Next," do not come crying below when you see your team on here.

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