Tulane Is the Right Prescription for LSU

Leo DonelonCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2008

The Tigers could not find a better opponent to play after losing to Georgia last week. This is an opponent who could help mold a future champion. That may be distasteful to Green Wave fans, but it is also a testament to them and their team.

There was a time when, in the area from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, this game was big. Wheel-barrel rides were bet on this, the loser giving the winner a ride down main street in towns like Lutcher, Louisiana. Those days are gone. It is and has always been a big deal for the Tulane faithful to beat LSU. That is why you never can know what will happen in this game.

For the Tulane faithful, winning the possession of the Tiger Rag is tantamount to winning a crystal football. In that lies the trap for the LSU football team. Right now, though, Tulane may be what the doctor ordered. It is an opportunity for LSU to flex its talent muscle. It is an opportunity for LSU to find its defensive identity against a weaker foe.

Why is Tulane the best prescription for this? The Tulane football team is going to play above its ability, it always does against the Tigers. The Green Wave has never been intimidated by the Tigers. A lot of Tulane's players were passed up by LSU, and those players each have a chip on their shoulder to prove that was a mistake.

It you are not ready to play, Tulane will pop you in the mouth to let you know you're in a fight. Like in Rocky I, Tulane doesn't know it's supposed to lose, it thinks it's an actual football game, and it is coming to play.

That is exactly what the Tigers need right now. They need to face a team who wants to win, regardless of its talent. The Tigers need a game. They need a chance to dominate on defense. This game's timing couldn't be any better. It's an opportunity that the Tigers can't pass up, and I don't think they will. Last year's game has taught this team what to expect.

Tulane coach Bob Toledo is know for trick plays, and he is looking for a signature win for his stay at Tulane. That makes it good experience for the Alabama and Ole Miss games.

Both Nick Saban and Houston Nutt have tricks up their sleeves. The Mad Hatter, I believe, will be ready and have the Tigers ready. He is known as somewhat of a trickster himself, and knows what to expect.

Yes, the timing is right for this game.