Red Raiders Turn Expected Shootout Into Massacre: Random Musings.

Patrick ParsonsAnalyst IOctober 26, 2008

I know how terrible it is not having much new, original content to read as Red Raider, and Big 12 fans, so i'll just throw out some scrap notes, and post them up as musings.

After all, I get tired of reading nothing but recaps all day stating the same statistics and 'opinions' if you can call them that.


1. Stopping Kansas with a three-and-out on their first possession was a great way to start the game. Even though the Jayhawks answered Texas Tech's first two touchdowns, by the middle of the second quarter, Mark Mangino had to have been sweating butter.

He just couldn't find a way to be as efficient as Tech was on offense.


2. Graham Harrell only had one bad pass all game, and that was the overthrown wide open touchdown in the third quarter, and you could tell he was mad about it. Also, it looked as if he were lobbying to stay in the game for one more drive.

He must have wanted to throw for the 400 yards I guaranteed he'd throw for while watching the game with my friends... Thanks Graham, you're a good friend.


3. It was funny the first few times that they did it, but now, every time Adam James comes into the game or catches a pass, there is no reason to take your attention away from the game and talk about his dad... I don't understand why Adam, AND Craig James, get more mention than Michael Crabtree does.


4. Mike Leach, though very down to earth and relevant in his postgame interview, needs to work on his grammar and word usage. Most notably, no, Texas Tech did not play good... They either played great, or well. Sorry, a nerd has to point it out at some point.


5. Taylor Potts needs to work on his beard. Looks like a dead stray animal is nesting comfortably in his undercheek.


6. This is the best blocking team in the nation. Receivers on screens, running backs protecting the quarterbacks, offensive lineman all over the field, that is what makes the passing game so efficient. If I saw Brandon Carter running down the field at me, I would play dead.


7. I don't know what to think about Crabtree at the moment. Tech uses him on so many short passes, that he is taking unnecessary contact, especially trying to do so much in a short space with his ankle. I know his open-field moves are what make him the most dangerous, but could his ankle have something to do with their unwillingness to go deeper to him last game?


8. The coverage, journalistically, for the Tech/Kansas game was non-existent. A Big 12 game, between an undefeated team and the leader in the opposite division received very little exposure. The big thing, in my eye that motivated Tech was being listed as underdogs to a 2-loss team, regardless of the location.


9. Perhaps Harrell should be getting a schedule ready for his trip to New York a little later... I kid, I kid. Or do I?


10. Perhaps Crabtree should be getting a schedule ready for his trip to New York a little later... I kid, I kid. Or do I?


11. Perhaps Brandon Carter should be a costume ready for Halloween. Wait, all he needs is two globs of black and white paint and a bucket of hair gel? I believe it.


12. Mike Leach never gets excited, it's official. I think the only time his expression changed all game was when they fumbled the ball away mere yards away from another touchdown late in the 4th quarter. You know he wanted 70, it just looks so much more badass than 63.


13. Anyone in Houston want to get together and watch the game Saturday night? I don't know if i'll be able to survive going out and being surrounded by nothing but burnt orange. I'm afraid they will resort to their previous wins in the series if Tech comes away victorious.

"Yeah, you won this time, but we've been the better team in the past, so it's just like we won".


14. I wish Baron Batch would get more touches—he is more explosive than Shannon Woods, and has a running style that is much more efficient. While Shannon Woods tries to spin out of tackles, Baron Batch puts his head down and trucks for extra yards EVERY time.

15. I hope we don't have to kick any field goals next week. I never actually thought I would miss Keith Toogood, but now, even he would be an improvement.


16. I wonder if I keep mentioning how I'm facebook friends with all the Tech players, if they'll unfriend me? Crabtree unfriended me last year, I don't want Harrell to do the same.


17. The tiptoe catch by Eric Morris was magnificent, absolutely perfect recognition of where he was on the field. The ref was so impressed, he tried to do it himself and ended up hurting himself... Tsk, tsk.


18. Is there any chance we could find a way to negotiate another year of eligibility for Graham Harrell?


19. Why does Rivals cost money? They always have the most intriguing articles, but I can never access them. They do it on purpose, their titles are probably so much cooler than the articles anyway.

Seriously, how can you live up to "Texas Tech players lured to Kansas locker room, encounter Mark Mangino stirring a rather large pot full of hot water while chopping carrots"


20. How many Penn State fans are going to be rooting for Texas Tech this weekend?


21. Detron Lewis has better hands than Michael Crabtree. Yes, I said it.


22. Why does Tech always play better at somebody else's homecoming? It's rude. By the middle of the third quarter, there were more students outside playing beer pong than there were inside the stadium watching the game...


23. If you were the Texas Longhorns, how would you plan for the Red Raiders this weekend? Do they switch up their gameplan and try to run the ball more effectively to play keep away from Texas Tech? Or do they keep their original gameplan they've been using all season, and let McCoy run the offense however he sees fit?

I think the more changes UT makes, the more afraid they are of this team.


24. If a random student can end up playing kicker for this team, can I at least be the guy on the sideline playing catch with Graham Harrell in between possessions? It seems like the dream job, unless you throw it back to hard and break one of his fingers...