Ten Top Tens After Week Nine In College Football

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer IOctober 26, 2008

Top Ten Teams

1) Texas-Longhorns schedule starting to wear on them?

2) Penn State-Great win in a great game

3) Alabama-Just not sold on the Tide.

4) Utah- Possible BCS buster that get the least mention?

5) Boise State-Possible BCS buster that gets the most mention.

6) Tulsa-Still to play this weekend

7) Texas Tech-Longhorns next.

8) Ball State-Continues to win easily.

9) Oklahoma State-Clearly the best of the 1 loss teams.

10) Georgia-From over rated to under rated in a month and a half.


Ten Best Games I Watched Yesterday

1) Penn State 13, Ohio State 6 - Even Brent Musburger couldn't ruin this one.

2) Michigan State 35, Michigan 21- Was more exciting than the score indicates.

3) Texas 28, Oklahoma State 24- Mike Gundy's team can play some football.

4) Florida Atlantic 29, Louisiana Monroe 28- Got to love Gameplan, TD with about 20 second left.

5) Northern Illinois 16, Bowling Green 13-Haven't seen a good wind game in a while.

6) Miami 16, Wake Forest 10- Miami is going to be very very good in the very near future.

7) Virginia 24, Georgia Tech 17- While many think the ACC is really bad it's also really even.

8) Duke 10, Vandy 7 - That was a really big win for Duke on a lot of levels.

9) Boise State 33, San Jose State 16 - Garbage points dressed up the score.

10) Georgia 52, LSU 38 - That Knowshawn Moreno kid is pretty good.


Ten Things My Wife Got Sick of Hearing Yesterday

1) "They're really trading some helmet paint in Columbus"-I think I said it 65 times during the game.

2) Crunching- What can I say?, I like snack food with my football.

3) "Go!"-Her response, "they can't hear you through the TV"

4) "Are you going to get the Pizza?" - It's getting chilly in Chicago.

5) "Miami Won"- In hindsight I think she figured that out the first time I told her.

6) "You _______" -I can't even type those words.

7) "The fix is in"- I'm starting to see spots where it may actually be.

8) "Do we have Ice Cream?"-If we had it at noon chances are we still had it every hour after that since we hadn't eaten any.

9) "Stupid Kicker"-Used either for a kicker on the other team that makes one as well as your kicker who misses one.

10)"Where's the remote?"-My wife seems to think there's a magical place where the remote is "supposed to go".


Ten Big Winners

1) Kristofer Green- The winner of my week 9 picking contest. Congrats! (11-4 against the spread, no one else even close).

2) Penn State- The Lions couldn't wait to be king.

3) Oklahoma State- Got more respect losing than they did all season winning.

4) Jordan Corso- 6-2 against the spread, this guy is good.

5) Georgia Bulldogs- Made a statement heading into their big game next week.

6) Texas Tech-That was a butt whooping from start to finish.

7) Louisville- Don't look now but the Cardinals are 5-2.

8) Michigan State- Always fun to beat your rival on the road.

9) Duke-Snaps a 6 game losing streak to Vandy.

10) Maryland - The Terps are 6-2.


Ten Big Losers

1) Pittsburgh- No one loses important games like Wanny.

2) Phil Fulmer - A bad call goes against his team and they quit on him.

3) South Florida-Not going to be the season they had hoped for.

4) Auburn- Will they even make a bowl?

5) Colorado - That's what you call a "spanking".

6) Ty Willingham- Gets no revenge, just left with a bad football team.

7) Kansas- Weren't even competitive.

8) Kentucky -They were losing 42-3 at Halftime.

9) Georgia Tech - Double digit favorite loses outright.

10) Tuesday Night Football - The Temple-Ohio game was just brutal to watch.


My Ten Best Picks in Week 9

1) TCU- My highest rated pick ever in the new rating system was a blowout winner.

2) Rutgers- I was feeling pretty lonely on this one.

3) Oregon-Ducks won easy, only disappointment was that I didn't rate it higher.

4) Michigan State- So easy I was scared.

5) Notre Dame- Smelled like a mismatch.

6) Oklahoma- After further review, the KSU defense still stinks.

7) Troy- Not sure why not too many are on board with the Trojans.

8) Arizona- The public was big on USC; public big usually means go the other way.

9) Minnesota- I didn't understand this line and I still don't.

10) Rice- Got to love picking a dog that's a blowout winner outright.


My Ten Worst Picks in Week 9

1) Northern Illinois-Really not a horrible pick but tough to handicap that there is going to 45 M.P.H. winds.

2) Tennessee- The Vols quit.

3) Cincinnati- Most of the losing score was in the final minutes but still never got it going.

4) Ball State- Just too many points, garbage field goal got me ("stupid kicker!")

5) Auburn - Now they can't tackle either.

6) Illinois- It's been a pattern of good week, bad week; this fit the bad week and it was, we'll be on them next week.

7) Northwestern- Just were turnover happy yesterday.

8) UCLA- Not good.

9) San Jose State- Just not enough depth.

10) New Mexico State- Like they should be laying 14 points to anyone?


Ten Most Popular Picks in The Free Weekly Picking Contest

1) Pittsburgh - 9 1/2 - This one hurt the most people.

2) Oklahoma-18 - I guess this one was pretty easy.

3) Oregon - 3 1/2 - And I thought I was so smart for picking this one, go figure.

4) Ball State- EMU really isn't good.

5) Missouri- I didn't touch this one.

6) Texas Tech-Most has this one pretty highly rated.

7) Minnesota- With that line it made a lot of sense.

8) Troy- If you read my site even once a week you know all about Troy.

9) Northern Illinois- I'm guilty as charged.

10) Texas- The Horns should have been easy money.


Ten Pre-Season Predictions I Made ( I can admit it)

1) Colt McCoy would continue to be inconsistent-I was close...not.

2) Clemson would lose at least 4 games- Bingo!

3) The officiating would continue to get worse- Let's not forget about the Red River game and all of the others.

4) Duke would be decent- They are.

5) Tennessee would be good- Unless you count being good at stinking I wasn't even close.

6) Oregon would beat USC- They only lost 44-10, that's not that bad.

7) TCU would finish 5th in their division- I apologize to all TCU fans but I didn't save your emails to email you it personally.

8) Penn State was going no where-Unless you count a trip to the National Championship game in Miami something I was spot on.

9) Juice Williams will win the Heisman- Yeah right, he's pretty good though.

10) The BCS wouldn't work again- The jury is still out.


Ten Games I'm Looking Forward to For Week Ten

1) Georgia-Florida- Everyone's pre-season pick as game of the year.

2) Texas-Texas Tech- In hindsight, Texas is the one with the brutal schedule.

3) Tulsa-Arkansas- Let the prognosticating begin; there's about 100 angles on this one.

4) Nebraska-Oklahoma- Just to see all of the old highlights, and there are some great ones.

5) Miami-Virginia- It's a fun time to be a Canes fan again though they are a year or two away.

6) Pittsburgh-Notre Dame-Could be entertaining.

7) Oregon-Cal- Sounds like a track meet type of game.

8) Wisconsin-Michigan State- Maybe Wisky has the ship righted?

9) West Virginia-UConn- Big East battle.

10) Western Kentucky-North Texas- Someone has to win.

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