Minnesota Football: 8 Reasons Why Minneapolis Is the Best Gameday Experience

Alex French@alex_frenchCorrespondent IJune 13, 2011

Minnesota Football: 8 Reasons Why Minneapolis Is the Best Gameday Experience

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    College football creates a unique experience not only for the fan, but for the athlete as well. 

    Any supporter knows that game day Saturday is by far the best day of the week, and creates an atmosphere that is truly unmatched.

    Schools around the country pride themselves now not only on the strength of their team, but the quality of experience the fan has as well.

    With that being said, let's take a look at why Minneapolis offers one of the best game day experiences.

8. Weather

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    For the rare two or three months out of the year that it isn't snowing in Minnesota, the weather can be quite nice.

    Especially in Autumn, when the leaves are turning Gopher maroon and gold.

    What's better than watching football on a warm, mid-September's afternoon after a morning jam-packed with tailgating?

    Beats me.

7. Student Population

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    The University of Minnesota Twin-Cities has a student-body of over 50,000 young men and women, and it's safe to say about 100 percent of them support their Golden Gophers.

    With the fourth-largest student body population in the nation, "the U" as its regionally known, can almost guarantee good game day crowds and a fun time.

6. Big City Atmosphere

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    The aura of college football Saturday doesn't solely include the stadium and the team in it; instead it combines the latter with the surrounding

    The aforementioned student body certainly helps create a unique game day, and the proximity to a large city like Minneapolis—which was ranked by Forbes in the top-10 best cities for young adults—only adds to experience.

    What better way to celebrate a game day Saturday than hit the bars downtown and watch your favorite team hit the gridiron?

5. Tailgating

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    Tailgating is a must for almost any live sporting event, especially in the case of college football.

    This skill is an acquired one, and is done so through years of experience and practice.

    Students at "the U" pack onto University Avenue where the Fraternity tailgating scene draws large and diverse crowds.

4. Stadium

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    Though its size is not grandeur, TCF Bank Stadium can raise the decibel level when filled. 

    Finished just in time for the 2009 season, students packed the stands for the home-opener against Air Force, which they won 20-13.

    A new stadium not only attracts new recruits but fans and revenue as well.

3. Competition

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    The Big Ten is known for its intense, hard-nose football.

    The Big Ten considered one of the top FCS conferences due to its high quality of play and physicality. 

    Once conference play opens up in October, teams know that games will continue to grow in difficulty as the weeks go by.

    Though the Gophers haven't had many successful seasons as of late, a great reason to go watch them play is the high level of competition they face week-in and week-out.

2. Mascot

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    Goldy Gopher won the Universal Cheerleaders Association mascot of the year in 2010.

    And yeah, it really does exist.

    He also is a three-time Capital One All-American Mascot team selection, having been named in 2004, 2007, and 2010.

    Goldy adds to the game day experience what the University football team does not provide - success and excitement.

1. History

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    History and legacy of the game always add to the beauty of a sport.

    College football is no different.  The U of M is historically relevant because it has one of the oldest programs in the game's history, dating back to 1882. 

    Furthermore, Minnesota and Wisconsin have played each other every year since 1890, with the exception of 1906.

    The battle for Paul Bunyan's axe is the longest-dated college football rivalry in Division I-A. 

    There aren't many things better than strapping on your colors of choice and cheering against your greatest foe on a game day Saturday.