College Football 2011: Ranking the Pac-12's Top Wide Receivers

Jason Figueiredo@sportschatterCorrespondent IJune 8, 2011

College Football 2011: Ranking the Pac-12's Top Wide Receivers

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    Wide receivers are an integral part to any passing game and these guys will be moving the offensive gears for the Pac-12 in 2011.

    Thanks to the abundance of talent at quarterback in the Pac-12, the wide receivers of this conference will be presented with copious chances to prove their worth.

    While there are a handful of names that are expected to shine in the national spotlight, there could be a few on this list that take the country by surprise.

    Here are the top wide receivers in the Pac-12.


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No. 5: Chris Owusu, Stanford

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    Stanford might not need a top-tier receiver to succeed in 2011, but it is nice to know that one could potentially be in the stable.

    Chris Owusu definitely can become that No. 1 receiver for the Cardinal, possibly even a national star if he can control his chronic disease of ball dropping.   With Andrew Luck slinging the passes to him, he will have only himself to blame if he doesn’t exceed expectations this season.  

No. 4: Marvin Jones, California

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    It can be easy to dispel Marvin Jones based off his mediocre numbers last season.  With only four touchdowns and 49 receptions, the world didn’t really get a consistent opportunity to see this kid.   

    Jones came to Cal as a 4-star recruit, but he has yet to really live up to the fans' expectations.

    Cal’s new quarterback might fit Jones’ speedy style a little better, which could ignite his long-awaited breakout year. 

    Better late than never…right?

No. 3: Marquess Wilson, Washington State

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    For as much as I like to rag on Washington State, Marquess Wilson is the one aspect of the Cougars that actually intrigues me.

    Wilson quietly put up respectable numbers during his freshman season, ranking 17th in the nation in yards per reception (18.29) and second in the Pac-10 in yards per game (83.8).  Standing enormous at 6’3”, 173 pounds, Wilson is primed to exceed last year’s totals.

No. 2: Jermaine Kearse, Washington

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    Many people are concerned about how the departure of Jake Locker will affect all-conference wide receiver Jermaine Kearse.

    Kearse is an absolute beast and could probably succeed with a one-armed midget throwing the ball to him.  If Keith Price can pass the eye-test after a few weeks, this combination could keep the Huskies in contention in the North. 

No. 1: Juron Criner, Arizona

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    Juron Criner returns for his senior season at Arizona, and if it is anything like his last, it should be spectacular.

    Criner ranked seventh in the NCAA in 2010 with 95.7 receiving yards per game and first in the Pac-10 with 83 receptions.  With Nick Foles also returning to Tucson, expect this on-field duo to spark fireworks the entire season.



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