Tennessee Football: News, Rumors, Injuries and Updates

John WhiteCorrespondent IIIJune 8, 2011

Tennessee Football: News, Rumors, Injuries and Updates

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    It's that time again, time for a recap of news, events, and injuries.

    Summer camp is close at hand, and with that there will be some changes and updates to the depth roster. There are injuries and talent evaluations, and the orange carpet will be rolled out for the incoming freshmen.

    Is Janzen Jackson coming back or not? We may never know until he strolls onto campus. There are rumors and straight forward facts. Which is important and what is fluff? Let's pause for a Rocky Top Minute.

AD Mike Hamilton Resigns

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    This is, of course, well known at this point, but bears mentioning because of the ramifications that surround him.

    He is scheduled to appear in Indianapolis on Saturday to represent Tennessee in any sanctions that will be levied against Tennessee for Lane Kiffin's mishandling of the football program while under his command. Whatever happens, it could mean the difference between Dooley remaining the head coach.

    The fact that he will no longer be AD could actually spell good news for the entire athletic program as Hamilton spent the majority of his time concentrating on fundraising and off-campus charities. A new face could be a step in the right direction.

LB Herman Lathers out with Broken Ankle

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    Junior LB and returning starter for the Vols will require surgery to fix a broken ankle that was injured last week. No definitive answers have been given as to when Lathers is expected to return.

    This spells trouble or opportunity depending on your view of the Tennessee LB squad. Newly hired LB coach Peter Sirmon has been working hard to develop the Vol LB's and will now likely be forced to reevaluate his starting lineup as Greg King's condition is still in question.

    With the arrival of new recruits it could mean the cavalry, or just more trouble with inexperienced players. 

Will It Be a Slap on the Wrist or a Full-Scale Butt Whoopin?

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    The NCAA is all about setting examples now. They set it in blood that if you screw around with the system it will make you into a shining example for everyone to see; just ask USC.

    In all honesty it's hard to determine who should pay the price. Mike Hamilton was there, so he must have been privy to at least some of these things that Kiffin was doing and allowing to happen. So, does a school pay for the sins of one, or two men? USC did. But where do you draw the line? Hamilton shoulders some of the blame, but is that enough to sway the NCAA from everything orange?

    If you follow the seriousness of the sin then the Vols may be in for harsh judgement. It would not surprise me to see the loss of scholarships, and at the very least a one-year bowl ban. However, the NCAA should suspend Lane Kiffin's privileges to coach during the span of no less than five years. 

Dooley Offers Michael Vick-Type QB

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    Will Gross is a 6'2", 180-pound QB from Melrose High School in Memphis. After about 30 seconds you start recognize the style of someone famous. If not for being a few inches taller you might even mistake Gross for a young Michael Vick. QB coach Darin Hinshaw is reportedly very anxious for commitment.

    Off the snap he will usually drop back deep to survey his targets and identify his escape routes. Ranked by scout as the No. 12 QB, it's easy to see why 12 schools have already offered the young man a warm bed at their universities.

Here We Go Again

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    Last season the Vols were loaded with young players because they didn't have a choice....

    So much for redshirts; Christian Harris, Curt Maggitt, or A.J. Johnson could all be playing sooner than you think. With injuries and recovery on the table for Herman Lathers and Greg King, it could be inevitable that the incoming freshmen start quicker than many anticipated. All three players are respected for very successful high-school careers, especially Curt Maggit.

    Maggit a 6'3", 210-pounder is extremely fast and rated by Rivals as the No. 9 weakside DE and the No. 12 outside LB. With this versatility it make things very easy when or if DC Justin Wilcox decides to move a few players around to compensate for the loss of Lathers and the impending return of Greg king.

Incredible RB Considering Vol Offer

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    When you think of stocking your cupboard with the best RB, it has to be Rushel Shell. The 5'11" 215-pound sprinter is nothing short of Walter Payton's ghost.

    He's strong, has the ability to evade and break with literal ease, and when the game gets long, he still keeps his speed. He has great endurance and is an overall well-rounded runner. If the Vols get him, it will be the steal of the century.

    His stats are too numerous to list, look here and you can judge for yourself. One more thing, make sure your boss isn't around and watch the entire video. Keep and eye out for his stiff arm.

Is Derek Dooley's Job Safe?

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    This will be the next rumor to gain any real strength, not that it would have any merit. But, it does present a question.

    Will the new AD give Derek Dooley enough time to prove himself?

    There were so many coaches in 2010 that wouldn't even consider the Vols, it was almost as if Tennessee had the plague. Most notably was Wil Muschamp turning down the role, who in turn recommended Dooley to Mike Hamilton, and he then subsequently took the Florida gig when Urban Meyer said uncle.

    This season for Dooley is suddenly more important now than it ever was. The scenario is this: Depending on who is appointed Tennessee's next sports guru, that individual will have the weight of keeping an entire program floating. Guess which sport is the biggest cash cow?

    That's right; you think those renovations on Neyland Stadium were for property value? Nope, it was for CBS, ESPN, and Sportsouth advertising. The Vols' chunk of millions of dollars for competing and air time.

    Now, if Dooley isn't winning then the networks don't want to air nearly as many games. If people aren't tuning in to watch competitive games then there aren't as many games that get aired. Fans get angry. Alumni get upset. Students want blood etc. etc.

    The AD would have no choice, so it is a true win or lose situation.

Vols in the Running for Super DT

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    Would you like a DT that can leap buildings in a single bound and is faster than a locomotive? Well get in line. The No. 3 DT is already on the radar of no less than 18 major programs that includes most of the SEC elite. The good news is the 6'3", 290-pound powerhouse likes DL coach Lance Thompson and Justin Wilcox even more.

    The Washington DC youth was fan of Boise State during their western onslaught of victory. Not to mention the trip back home isn't nearly as far as Bama, Auburn, or LSU.

    The barrel chested youth has uncanny speed for his size and exhibits surprising agility for someone with so much bulk. It would literally be as easy as breathing for Goldman to start early. Dooley can put the redshirt away if he lands the soft spoken DT.

Speedster Safety Still in Limbo and Jackson Still Not on Campus

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    Despite having passed his necessary testing safety, Eddrick Loften is still waiting for the NCAA to say go. According to Loften, he's awaiting word from the NCAA, which could allow him to enter on July 7th.

    Unfortunately, this may be his last chance to enroll for the second summer enrollment. The recruitment of the Texas native has been in question due to his quick temper, but his athleticism is no question. He is a playmaker and should be a good addition early. It has been speculated that he could start on special teams and morph into other duties by the end of the season.

    If Janzen Jackon doesn't return as Dooley says he could, be in for a more advanced role. By all that is rumored and told, Jackson has not confirmed that he is returning, but Derek Dooley says he should return before the summer camp closes.

So Who Is the Next AD Going to Be?

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    Well, it won't be Pat Summit. She has gone on record to say she doesn't want the job, but if asked she would serve on the committee that locates and hires the new AD. She has also specified that the potential hire would be from outside the state.

    The next obvious candidate would be Phillip Fulmer; but the problem with hiring Fulmer is that so many people were disenfranchised by the former head coach that it could present more harm than good. But, if you factor in his ties with faculty and the game of football itself, it could be a great coupe. For what it's worth I have to believe bringing Fulmer back wound go a long way in  the Vol's healing process. Fulmer has already voiced his support for Coach Dooley on a national scale, so the transition should be an easy one.

    Again, speculation is already starting to mill, but it may not be until kickoff before a new AD is announced.