Knowshon Moreno Is a High-Performance Machine

Evan WileyCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2008

Knowshon Moreno was named SEC offensive player of the week this week.  He had 172 yards rushing on 23 carries and one TD against Vandy.  It was another feather in a cap that already resembles the average ostrich.  

Something amazing about Knowshon is that stats of this magnitude get racked up in three quarters of a game.

He had all of eight carries against Georgia Southern.  He had to leave the Bama game early due to a chipped bone in his elbow, and many of the other games see Caleb King getting a majority of the run time in the fourth quarter.  Factor that in and consider Knowshon’s potential.

In addition to the SEC offensive player of the week honor, Moreno was named the number one running back in the nation by  Words like “instinctive,” ”elite,” “natural,” and “sharp” were used to describe his style of play. 

Rivals also noted something that is one of his best but often overlooked features: his ability to drop his hips and pound out a yard or two more than if he’d gone down at the point of contact. 

Combine that with the fact that his enthusiasm never dies, and that he never seems to fatigue, and you’ve got a one-man wrecking crew. 

College football fans the nation over will have their eyes fixated on Baton Rouge come Saturday.  They know the test (although I like to think of it as a showcase) that awaits Moreno.  Ricky-Jean Francois may be questionable at this point, but LSU’s line is still formidable without him. 

There’s a “but” here, and it’s a big one.

Consider LSU’s strength of schedule thus far.  Powerhouses such as the worst team in the nation, North Texas, and FCS school Appalachian State are on their schedule.  SEC disappointments Auburn and Mississippi State have also seen beatings by LSU. 

Speaking of which, here’s some numerical fun. While Auburn lost to LSU 26-21, they beat Mississippi St. by one point, having only scored three.  Not three times—three points total.   Auburn scored seven times as many points vs. LSU as they did against Mississippi State!

It would be an understatement to say LSU will have their hands full with Moreno, much less be able to neutralize him.  Any team of any count has given LSU a good run for their money.  Any team with National Championship hopes displayed swift authority in dispatching the Tigers.

Florida also pounded the ball into the end zone time and time again.  Their running game put up some great yardage, and the combined ground and aerial assault had LSU punch-drunk by half time. 

Combined ground and aerial assault? Who does that sound like? 

Knowshon can carry an offense on his back, no doubt about it.  If I had to compare him to anything, I’d have to say that Moreno is the human incarnation of a Porsche: small, compact, able to change direction easily, and very powerful.

Oh, and the Porsche would need a ramp to make a seemingly death-defying jump—Knowshon just needs a reason. 

It’s down to the wire in the SEC, boys and girls.  It's now fall, the weather is good, and the football gods are smiling upon us.

Take in the game vs. LSU, as there are sure to be plenty of fireworks.  The rocket you see, twisting and turning as it speedily meanders its way to the end zone for a six-point explosion...that’s just Knowshon, doing what he does best.