Justin's Weekly Brain Seepage: Week Eight

Justin Goar@@tigertangentsSenior Writer IOctober 22, 2008

O-H-......Oh no!!

If you’re a Buckeye hater (which I’m not, but I know they have many), you have to be thinking, “Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in.”

You want Ohio State football to drop off the map and the title picture—and it totally could’ve happened had they lost in East Lansing. But they quietly destroyed the Spartans, and now they get a home game against the Fighting Joe Pa’s that, if they win, puts them right back in the title hunt. They have a healthy Beanie Wells and seem to have found their quarterback.

If Tressel and company get this win, give them some credit. They’ll have to go to Northwestern the following week and then play a revenge game against the Illini on the road before coming home to host a hapless Michigan team. None of these are gimmes, but the toughest test ahead for the Bucks is this Saturday at the Horseshoe.

Pass it, and things are looking up in Columbus.


Wasn’t that guy Bubba on “1st and Ten”?

My favorite commercial this past weekend was the Miller High Life Commercial. You know the series of ones where the delivery guy comes in and confiscates beer from snooty people not living by the “guidelines of the High Life.”

Well, in this one the delivery guy stops by a corporate skybox at a baseball game and no one is watching the game, so he takes the beer—I would guess in order to give it to the homeless or something.

Which brings up the question...what kind of corporation has Miller High Life as their beer of choice in their skybox???

Is the economy really THAT bad?!?!

I’m pretty sure that Miller’s skybox doesn’t have Miller High Life in it.


“We're gonna be getting rid of these people here... First, Mr. Samir Naga... Naga... Naga... Not gonna work here anymore, anyway.”

Mark me down as severely intrigued when it comes to the head coaching vacancy at Clemson after they 86’ed Tommy Bowden. With two potential candidates at SEC schools now (Vandy’s Bobby Johnson and Auburn’s Tommy Tuberville), as well as speculation that former Nick Saban, Tuberville, and now Texas DC Will Muschamp is also in the mix, I think this could make for some good rumor fodder for a long time.


Buffalo Wild Wings referees strike again...

Two of the better plays in the South Carolina/LSU game were made by the umpire. I think he had some flashbacks to his Polk High days. Actually, he played linebacker at Kentucky.

Check this out.

Some Carolina fans argued that this changed the game, but actually a few plays later, Spur-Dog and his boys scored on a fourth and goal play right before the half where it seemed the ball never broke the plane.

I’d take six points over an open field tackle any day.

Add that to the same umpire running a pick on an LSU linebacker on Carolina’s only other TD, and this guy should get the “player of the game” award.

Someone get me a helmet, quickly!

Les Miles joked in his Monday press conference that the umpire wasn’t following proper technique. Miles joked, “We teach our guys to wrap up.”


Best sign I saw on ESPN GameDay...

“Chase Daniel has a fupa.”

I chuckle every time I think of it.


You know what really grinds my gears...

Am I jaded? Can I not appreciate the fact that college football is more popular than ever? And that people with varying knowledge levels watch the game together sometimes?

My wife lovingly puts up with my college football addiction, and she tolerates football but doesn’t really like it, so to speak. When she doesn’t know something, she asks questions, and these questions are taken by me as an interest by her wanting to know more about my hobby. I think it’s sweet and answer her question, no matter how basic it is.

But there is nothing worse than watching football with someone who thinks they know what they are talking about but in actuality have no clue.

These people are usually the loudest in the room or in your section if you’re at the game.

It always pains me to hear someone calling out a WR on a drop when the QB puts it two feet behind him. Or a tailback who gets blasted in the backfield because someone missed a block but Lombardi over here is calling out the running back. This also happens to a QB when he gets .5 seconds to throw before getting mauled, and then you hear...

“C’mon (insert QB’s name here), get rid of the ball!!! What are you doing??!!!! You gotta be smarter than that!!!”

My sentiments exactly. You gotta be smarter than that.

See, these players had to excel in high school and work hard on and off the field. They had to come to college to compete with very talented guys to win a role on the team. Then after all that hard work and sacrifice, they finally get their shot on the field, and they have to listen to some moron whose football IQ happens to mirror his shoe size tell them how to play the game.

They work hard to get where they are, but all you have to do to criticize them is pay for a ticket or flip on the television.

That’s not really fair.

These same fans think football should operate like a game of Xbox. Like, let’s say your team is a three-and-a-half point favorite and they win by twice that margin, but there’s Mr. Loudmouth lamenting the fact that his team didn’t win by four touchdowns.

There should be fan tryouts or something or maybe a written test. Unless you show that you can be trusted to not say something stupid or falsely lay the blame where it doesn’t belong during a game, you have to be quiet and let the grown-ups talk.

In football terms, you get to ride the pine. You can still watch the game, but you no longer are an active participant in it. Let’s face it, you can’t be trusted, and all you do is pollute the air with your lack of knowledge. So you’ll have to be muzzled.

The majority of LSU fans know their football, but it never fails when at the game, I sit in front of the loudest guy in the stadium who fills the air with his football ignorance. I usually say nothing.

But let’s change that. From now on, when someone says something stupid, let’s vow to correct them. You’re doing them a favor in the long run, and most reasonable fans will thank you for doing so. This is not recommended if everyone in your section is an idiot.

We must stop the proliferation of football idiocy. Heck, this guy could be teaching his children his ways, and then my kids will grow up and have to go to games and listen to his kids spew misdirected venom.

It’s a vicious cycle. But we can break it. In the next game you watch with someone who knows less than they let on, point out that they are wrong, won’t you? You could be doing the college football world a great service. 

This has been a public service announcement furnished by the “Coalition for better fans.”


And another thing...

I know that song “Kerkraft 400” by Zombie Nation is popular in places like Penn State and such (I actually like PSU btw and respect the "White Out"). In a way I expect that, because up north you get more of a pro sports environment.

But in the beginning of the season I remember thinking, “no self respecting SEC team would have this soccer stuff blaring in their stadium.”

Then a week later I heard it at Florida (for the Miami game I think).

Then this past weekend, I heard it at South Carolina for the LSU game.

I just shook my head.

How awful. When did college football games become no better than NBA TV timeouts???

I know canned music is going to happen nowadays (LSU plays piped-in music leading up to kickoff before the band gets seated again), but a song from a German techno band?? Is that really what the kids are listening to these days????

I weep for the future.

Maybe I’m getting too old.


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