Looking for "Green"er Pastures: 5 Teams Cody Green Could End Up on

Matt Zvolanek@MattZvolanekCorrespondent IIMay 30, 2011

Looking for "Green"er Pastures: 5 Teams Cody Green Could End Up on

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    Cody Green is gone from Nebraska.  He is leaving to find more playing time at some other program.  He wants the keys to the offense and to lead some team to victory, not to be the guy who manages the game by handing the ball off or the back-up QB.  What team would want him? Here are a few possibilities. 

Texas A&M

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    Cody Green knows Texas. He grew up there.  It only makes sense, if he's transferring anyway, to go to a school from his home state and one that recruited him out of high school.  Something A&M has going for Green is senior QB Ryan Tannehill.  Tannehill is the starter this year, which works out because Green would have to sit out for a year anyway.  In 2012, Green would be right in the middle of the QB competition.


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    Yet another school from Green's home state, Texas also tried recruiting him out of high school.  With no clear starter this year, Green could have a shot in 2012.  This is a fairly long shot, as Texas has a slew of QB's they can turn to.


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    In 2009, Cody started his first game at Nebraska.  The team he played happened to be Baylor.  Why is that significant?  Because Waco is fairly close to Cody's hometown of Dayton, Texas.  If he decides to go to Baylor, his family and friends would be able to watch him play a lot more often.  The only catch is Baylor's athletic quarterback, Robert Griffin III, still has a few more years to play.


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    Cody Green might decide to make a trip out east and play for the Cardinals.  Why?  Because the Cardinals new QB coach is former Nebraska offensive coordinator Shawn Watson.  Watson was one of Cody's main recruiters to Nebraska.  If he wants to play here, he better choose fast, because former Missouri quarterback Tyler Gabbert is looking at Louisville and Watson, too.

Boise State

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    This pick may not seem likely, but like Texas A&M, Boise State has a senior quarterback playing this year.  That means after this year, when Green has to sit out anyway, he would be right in the middle of the competition for the starting job.  Chris Petersen knows how to use each player's talent to help the team and would find a spot for Green.

Other Possibilities

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    Cody Green could choose to go to any school in Texas, just because it's close to home.  He could also choose to go to an FCS school and not sit out for a year.