College Football: The BCS Era Most Wanted List, Jim Tressel Is Public Enemy No.1

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College Football: The BCS Era Most Wanted List, Jim Tressel Is Public Enemy No.1
Photo Courtesy: buckeyeplanet.Com

America's Most Wanted List.

A list that contains the names of violent individuals who have committed heinous transactions against criminal and moral law.

Let's not go so far as to parallel the activities of the following public figures with that type of notoriety.

In the world of college football, a belief exists that some teams, coaches and players have sparked controversy and gotten away with achieving success at the expense of doing what is proper.

We know who keeps such a list of violators.

It is the fan in the stand, your neighbor viewing on television, the person walking down the street. The observer who knows what he thinks and thinks what he knows.

Damage to our trust and the sanctity of competition by inappropriate actions perpetrated by institutions, coaches and players make such charges clear and require action from the NCAA.

But this is not just a matter of discipline involving a school. 

Let us instead focus on the chorus of condemnation that rains with drops of outrage from like-minded believers in each section of the nation.

Specifically, our anger is most pronounced by the breaking of codes of accepted conduct among those fortunate few who participate in the game we hold to be sacrosanct.

And worst of all, the violator who we suspect gets away with it, the one who cultivates a clean reputation while conniving to create an uneven playing field.

During the BCS era we have found an intensity of sentiment that has conjured an entire cottage industry of creating slogans to condemn any school, coach or player who dares to cross the line of what is deemed as fair.

An atmosphere where we will take the most famous of sonnets from writer Elizabeth Barrett Browning' and modify the phrase slightly to express our true feelings.

"How do I hate thee, let me count the ways."

 And now, a "Rogues Gallery" of the BCS era.

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