Haven't We Had Enough of the BCS Yet?

AC Clark@101survivalist.comContributor IOctober 21, 2008

The BCS is a fraudulent organization that is operated by a group of greedy racketeers who are preying on the blind loyalty of their fans. If we the fans had an ounce of pride in something other than our favorite team, we could stop the BCS dead in its tracks and correct college football once and for all.

Instead, like a moth to a flame, we bash our heads against the proverbial wall erected by the BCS commissioners, held hostage by our team spirit.

Here’s how it works.

The BCS is managed by the commissioners of the 11 NCAA Division I-A conferences, the director of athletics at the University of Notre Dame (???), and representatives of the bowl organizations.

The conferences are Atlantic Coast, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Conference USA, Mid-American, Mountain West, Sun Belt, Pacific 10, Southeastern, and Western Athletic. These people make decisions regarding all BCS issues, in consultation with an athletic director’s advisory group.

To put it into layman’s terms, there are 11 CEOs whose sole intention is to bring the most money into their conference that is humanly possible. These are the people who are calling all of the shots that determine how the football games are scheduled, ranked, and played.

To insure that they act ethically, they are governed by another group of people whose sole intention is to bring in the most money for their individual colleges, the athletic directors.

Collectively, these are the people that are responsible for the continuation of the ridiculously flawed BCS system. Here’s why.

The major conferences will get about $18 million for their first BCS team and will get another $4.5 million if they are able to produce a second BCS team. The six major BCS conferences will share an estimated $83 million from ABC, ticket sales, and sponsorships.

On top of that, each team will receive travel money from their conferences and also get another cut off ticket sales, merchandise sales, alumni donations, and local broadcasting rights.

College football revenues rival many NFL venues and don’t have the added expense of having to pay the players.

What does this all mean? Simply put, college football is akin to Sherman Lehman Brothers: The fans are the stockholders, and the board of directors is royally screwing us. How many times do you think the executives at Lehman Brothers were looking out for the stockholders versus lining their own pockets?

The same is true with the BCS commissioners. Their only concern is how long they can milk this corrupt system before a mutiny ensues.

Think about it. Almost every college football fan, sports analyst, and football coach agrees that the BCS is a flawed system that should be deserted in favor of a playoff system or a hybrid of it. The only coaches that are not in favor of scrapping the BCS are those with crappy teams that are currently ranked well or those who fear being fired because of last year’s 5-7 record.

So if the majority of people are overwhelmingly in favor of dumping the BCS, why does the “Board of Directors” keep hosing the fans/stockholders? Simply put, money.

Their biggest fear is upsetting the applecart. A playoff system opens the field for a lot more schools to compete for the money and all but guarantees that the big six will get less. With less money going to the big six, you are essentially assigning salary caps and creating an even playing field for more schools.

God forbid if the WAC or Conference USA put a solid team together that won the whole enchilada. How would the Big 12 or SEC pay those four million dollar coaches’ salaries?

Where else on earth can you run a business successfully by ignoring what your customers want in favor of what makes you the most money? Only on Wall Street and Washington—and we see what that’s got us.

This simply boils down to collusion and corruption on a massive scale. The commissioners have joined together with each other to suppress the wants of the fans for the money that the current system brings in for them.

If that isn’t fraudulent, then what is?