Are College Football Bowls a Great Tradition or Unfair to Other Teams?

Thomas H.Correspondent IOctober 21, 2008

College football fans enjoy sitting down and watching historic games such as the Cotton Bowl, Rose Bowl, and Orange Bowl.

It's a classic thing to watch the games, as the announcers talk about the history of the field and you watch the big boys like Texas, USC, or Florida go head to head. The pageantry and tradition are a marvel to behold.

Sure, you love it. But does the effect it has on other teams and the whole idea of the Top 25 make it worth it? Should there be a playoff?

It happens every year. Some team goes from third in the nation to ninth in a close loss. They are out of it depending on how deep it is in the season. Some other team takes that third spot, thinking they could go to the BCS championship game.

The top two teams win the rest of the games, and in those last moments before everything is decided on national television and they try to hype it all up, the number three team doesn't make it.

Remember watching the faces of those Georgia fans last year when they found out they wouldn't be in the BCS National Championship? I do—it was a team realizing they had done everything they could and still hadn't reached their final goal.

They ended up in the Sugar Bowl (which they won, 41-10). It isn't that they didn't respect the history of the Sugar Bow. They just knew that they could've been in the championship.

Another thing that is wrong with the bowl system is how commercialized it is becoming. With games such the Holiday Inn Bowl and the Meineke Car Care Bowl, can you really take the games seriously?

In 2006, I was almost laughing when I heard BC was in the Meineke Car Care Bowl. This team had ended the season well, and they were playing in a commercial bowl. My personal favorite is the Bowl.  By far the funniest of them all! They didn't even use their name—they used their website.

When it comes down to people's feelings about the bowl games, does the fact that you can watch the classics your grandfather watched make up for the fact you have to see these ridiculous names with advertisements for themselves on third and longs?

People have talked about changing to a playoff system. I was always taught the motto, "Don't talk, do!" Sadly, this isn't that simple. There are millions of college football fans. A change might make an uproar. But on the other hand, it could also help teams that lose late in the year.


What If?

What if there was a 16-team or 32-team playoff? Even an eight-team playoff would increase access and take the championship out of the hands of the BCS computers, giving it back to the players. Shouldn't they just settle it on the field?

Would playoffs make the season too long? It could, but you can't say that for sure. Fifteen or so games in a season isn't that extreme for the league.

They may not change this for years, maybe never. I only ask one thing: Can we give these bowls real names? I'm sick of the Chick-fil-A Bowls. There's no tradition in that.