College Football 2011 Predictions:10 Teams That Could Lose to FCS Foes

Carl Stine@@CFBAllDayCorrespondent IMay 20, 2011

College Football 2011 Predictions:10 Teams That Could Lose to FCS Foes

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    The word is being tossed around college football these days like a Frisbee at the beach.

    Are all football teams created equal?

    Just ask Michigan.

    Their 2007 loss to I-AA school Appalachian State dropped them from No. 5 in the rankings to not ranked, and App State made off with $400,000.

    Or Virginia Tech, who fell in 2010 to James Madison.

    However, regardless of what you might think, the FBS routinely wallops FCS teams by an average of 24 points.

    Since 1996, the FBS leads the FCS by a record of 842-104.

    But who could be 105?

    There are 83 games next season between FCS and FBS foes, and recent history suggests that Goliath will lose some of those games.

    But which Goliath?

    Here are you choices for 2011.

10. Virginia Tech vs Appalachian State

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    This can't possibly happen again, can it?

    Out of this entire list, this is the least likely.

    It's doubtful that Beamer's boys will be looking past an FCS opponent for the second season in a row, but there is no telling.

    And besides that, these are not the Mountaineers we used to know. This one will likely be a blowout.

    Of course, that's what we said last season before Virginia Tech was ambushed by James Madison.

9. Indiana vs. South Carolina State

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    The Hoosiers have not exactly been the cream of the football crop lately, and with the departure of starting quarterback Ben Chappell, things could get even worse.

    Indiana had one more win last season than the Bulldogs had losses, and they are in the middle of a difficult stretch of years for the football program.

    State has not fared well against top-tier FBS competition, but the Hoosiers are far from that.

    Should be an interesting matchup.

8. Montana State vs Utah

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    The Utes are going to discover that the level of play in the Pac-12 is a little bit better than what they are used too.

    The Bobcats are coming off of a 9-3 season and have the experience to take down an FBS team.

    Utah may be looking past this one, getting prepared for their big plunge into Pac-12 play.

    Utah offensive coordinator Norm Chow might have fixed the Utes offensive inconsistencies by then, but if not, they may have an inauspicious start to their Pac-12 tenure.

7. North Carolina State vs. South Alabama

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    Go ahead, tell us that Russell Wilson's dismissal is not going to affect the Wolfpack.

    We shall see.

    On another note, N.C. State takes on a South Alabama team that could give them a run for their money.

    This one is less than probable, but still possible given the recent level of State's play and the Jaguars have nothing to lose...

6. Boston College vs. Massachusetts

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    This should be a good one.

    BC has been less than stellar for the past several years, and UMass is transitioning to FBS status.

    The Minutemen are taking their beloved mascot "Sam", along with their talents, to the MAC.

    UMass was competitive against Michigan in 2010, and will be a tough out against the Eagles.

5. Tennessee vs Montana

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    The Vols have been a little less than impressive over the last five years or so, and next season is not looking that great either.

    The quarterback position needs more consistent play out of Tyler Bray, and there is just no predicting what will happen when he is under center.

    Enter Montana.

    Coach Bobby Hauck had the Griz rolling before he departed to UNLV for the 2010 season.

    This one might be a longshot, but the Grizzlies have a solid offense, and plenty of talent.

    Should the Vols look past Montana, they will get ambushed.

4. Clemson vs Wofford

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    Ah, Clemson.

    Beautiful city, great atmosphere, mediocre football team.

    Clemson almost always has the athletes to compete on the football field, but it seems they struggle with execution at times.

    Coach Dabo Swinney led the Tigers to a 6-7 record in the 2010 season, but half their victories were over less than impressive competition (Wake Forest, North Texas, Presbyterian).

    The Tigers get the Terriers sandwiched between Troy on Sep. 4th and Auburn on Sep. 18th.

    They better not forget about them.

3. Kentucky vs Jacksonville State

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    Joker Phillips needs to get his guys ready for this one.

    The Gamecocks took out one SEC team, Ole Miss, last season, and they can do it again.

    Kentucky is going to be without their starting quarterback, leading wide receiver and leading rusher from 2010.

    They will hopefully have those kinks worked out by the time they face JSU midseason, but a bout with the Gamecocks of South Carolina could knock the wind out of them before their next game.

    JSU has the experience in close games, on SEC turf to knock off the 'Cats.

2. Minnesota vs North Dakota State

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    We've seen this movie before.

    It's not really right to compare Minnesota to the rest of the FBS, they are practically FCS.

    Yeah, they suck.

    And the Bison know it.

    They took out the Gophers back in 2007.

    Of course, the Gophers only won one game that season, but at least they managed three victories last year.

    New head coach Jerry Kill is probably going to see things get worse before they get better in Minnesota, and the Bison will be looking to take advantage.

1. Washington vs Eastern Washington

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    The departure of Jake Locker will, no doubt, have a significant impact on Washington's offense.

    The Huskies are brave souls to take on the "Eags" of Eastern Washington.

    The Eagles are your current FCS champs, after taking out Delaware in the playoffs last season.

    Imagine that for a minute.


    Anyway, the Eagles are no pushover, and this would not be a very surprising upset if it takes place.

    This will also be UW's first bout with an FCS team.