Tennessee Football 2011: Game-by-Game Prediction, Fan Edition

John WhiteCorrespondent IIIMay 20, 2011

Tennessee Football 2011: Game-by-Game Prediction, Fan Edition

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    It's time again to plow through the predictions. It's an article I have come to loath. Why? Well, this is where the Internet makes you honest.

    And, the Vols to be quite honest are not predictable...at least not in the positive sense.

    You already know the sordid details, three coaches in as many years. Losing season, winning season, breaking even; it's not what you desire when you start to put a score next to a date. But here we are again, so let's struggle through this together. Together?

    Together/you the fans: I surveyed ten Vol fans of varying ages, locations, and lifestyles, and included my own to boot. I supplied them with statistical facts for both teams and have advised them to examine details. 

    And, for an expert opinion I called upon Times Free Press sportswriter and Tennessee Football journalist Patrick Brown. So let's see what's in store for the Vols, courtesy of us all.

Sept. 3, Montana Grizzlies, Home

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    2010 season record

    7-4 overall 5-3 conference

    Big Sky

    Most notable game last season for the Grizzlies was against the Western State Mountaineers, where they pummeled the small team in a very lopsided 73-2 win. A notable air-attack offense with undersized RB's that squeeze through the smallest of holes.

    As I said in the first slide, I surveyed 10 Vol fans of varying ages, locations, and lifestyles. All are avid Vol fans and follow the sport pages and have attended at least one game.

    They knew their stuff and even stumped me a couple times on some trivia. I also instructed them to answer on honesty and not with their heart. Here is your panel.

    1. Knoxville: Ben 28, bank teller, season ticket holder. W 42-0
    2. Atlanta: Jessica 39, attorney, big screen champion. W 38-17
    3. Charlotte: Enoch 62, retired carpenter, life-long sporadic attendee. W 52-28
    4. Kingsport: Melinda 68, housewife, son played football under Johnny Majors. W 31-7
    5. Chattanooga: Brent 19, student UT Chattanooga, fan since birth. W 17-0
    6. Johnson City: Martin 41, biologist, UT alum. W 44-3
    7. Knoxville: Carol 22, student UT. W 44-10
    8. Atlanta: Dennis 48, operations manager, Tennessee native, big screen champion. W 37-12
    9. Nashville: Emile 26, physical therapist, father played under Bill Battle. W 28-3
    10. Kingsport: Danny 71, retired plant operator, life-long fan, big screen champion. W 54-0

    John White B/R Tennessee featured columnist. W 42-0

    Celebrity contributor.www.timesfreepress.com staff columnist Patrick Brown, University of Tennessee beat writer, W 49-24

    Fan Average W 39-8 John White W 42-0 Patrick Brown 49-24

    Collective: W 43-11

Sept. 10, Cincinnati Bearcats, Home

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    2010 season record 4-8 overall

    2-5 conference

    Big East

    Most notable game last season for the Bearcats was against the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. The game seemed to be on an even track until Cincinnati's rushing game started piling up for 295 yards. They then assaulted the Knights through the air for another 366 yards passing, final score 69-38.

    The Bearcats shouldn't pose any problems this season as their defense has been questioned for its ability to stop anything in the air or on the ground.

    1. Knoxville: Ben W 34-13
    2. Atlanta: Jessica W 21-0
    3. Charlotte: Enoch W 42-14
    4. Kingsport: Melinda W 14-3
    5. Chattanooga: Brent W 28-0
    6. Johnson City: Martin W 34-3
    7. Knoxville: Carol W 42-17
    8. Atlanta: Dennis W 50-0
    9. Nashville: Emile W 27-6
    10. Kingsport: Danny W 48-21

    John White B/R W 28-17

    Celebrity contributor Patrick Brown, W 31-21

    Fan average W 34-8 John White W 28-17 Patrick Brown W 31-21

    Collective W 32-15

Sept. 17, Florida Gators, Away

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    2010 season record 8-5 overall

    4-4 conference


    Most notable game last season for the Gators was a 34-21 OT win in the Swamp. They efficiently pushed their game on even stats: 219 yards passing and 231 yards in the air. This will be the game that sets the tone for the Vols season.

    If the Vols are going to beat Florida, this is their season while Charlie Weis and Wil Muschamp figure out who the smartest coach is. Too much confusion should offer plenty of opportunities.

    1. Knoxville: Ben W 21-17
    2. Atlanta: Jessica L 24-28
    3. Charlotte: Enoch W 34-28
    4. Kingsport: Melinda L 3-17 
    5. Chattanooga: Brent W 21-17
    6. Johnson City: Martin W 21-14
    7. Knoxville: Carol W 45-21
    8. Atlanta: Dennis L 14-17
    9. Nashville: Emile W 16-3
    10. Kingsport: Danny W 34-14

    John White B/R W 28-7

    Celebrity contributor Patrick Brown, L 17-28

    Fan average W 23-18 John White W 28-7 Patrick Brown L 17-28

    Collective W 23-18

Oct. 1, Buffalo Bulls, Home

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    2010 season record 2-10 overall

    1-7 conference


    The Bulls' most notable game was a 28-26 win over Bowling Green. They compiled even numbers on offense, 200 yards rushing and 241 passing.

    This game should be the easiest showing for the Vols all season. If a blowout isn't recorded, it could spell future trouble.

    The Bulls will need every single blocker they have to keep Wilcox's front 4-5 off their QB. It won't be an easy trip home for the Bulls.

    1. Knoxville: Ben W 34-14
    2. Atlanta: Jessica W 27-3
    3. Charlotte: Enoch W 42-14
    4. Kingsport: Melinda W 42-7
    5. Chattanooga: Brent W 48-0
    6. Johnson City: Martin W 17-3
    7. Knoxville: Carol W 48-17
    8. Atlanta: Dennis W 37-14 
    9. Nashville: Emile W 24-0
    10. Kingsport: Danny W 28-0

    John White B/R W 48-7

    Celebrity contributor Patrick Brown, W 45-17

    Fan average W 35-7 John White W 48-7 Patrick Brown W 45-17

    Collective W 43-10

Oct. 8, Georgia Bulldogs, Home

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    2010 season record 6-7 overall

    3-5 conference


    The most notable game last season for the Bulldogs was a 41-14 thumping against Tennessee, between the hedges (Athens). Tennessee never really got up to speed on either side of the ball. Georgia's defense held the Vols to 9 yards rushing on the day.

    This is also a pivotal game for the Vols; if they lose here, they will need help to stay in contention for any chance at the SEC East. The Dawgs will have a heavy bite, regardless.

    1. Knoxville: Ben L 7-21
    2. Atlanta: Jessica W 28-14
    3. Charlotte: Enoch W 24-7
    4. Kingsport: Melinda L 21-27
    5. Chattanooga: Brent W 42-35
    6. Johnson City: Martin W 21-17
    7. Knoxville: Carol W 21-7
    8. Atlanta: Dennis W 33-9
    9. Nashville: Emile L 17-24 
    10. Kingsport: Danny W 14-10

    John White B/R L 27-38

    Celebrity contributor Patrick Brown, W 35-31

    Fan average W 23-17 John White L 27-38 Patrick Brown W 35-31

    Collective L 28-29

Oct. 15, LSU Tigers, Home

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    2010 season record 11-2 overall

    6-2 conference


    The most notable game for the Tigers last season was against 10th-ranked Alabama, winning at home   24-21. LSU's only losses last season were against first-ranked Auburn and 12th-ranked Arkansas. This will be Tennessee's toughest opponent at home.

    As much as the Mad Hatter will try, the Tigers will not be happy in the bayou.

    1. Knoxville: Ben W 34-28
    2. Atlanta: Jessica W 34-14
    3. Charlotte: Enoch W 44-35
    4. Kingsport: Melinda L 21-30
    5. Chattanooga: Brent W 27-24
    6. Johnson City: Martin W 21-17
    7. Knoxville: Carol W 42-28
    8. Atlanta: Dennis L 28-49 
    9. Nashville: Emile W 37-33
    10. Kingsport: Danny W 17-10

    John White B/R W 30-24 OT

    Celebrity contributor Patrick BrownL 21-35

    Fan average W 31-27 John White W 30-24 Patrick Brown L 21-35

    Collective L 27-29

Oct. 22, Alabama Crimson Tide, Away

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    2010 season record 10-3 overall

    5-3 conference


    The Tide's most notable game last season was actually a loss at home against the future National Champions, Auburn.

    It was a close game (27-28), but Cam Newton proved to be the catalyst in the matchup. All three of Bama's losses were against SEC ranked opponents.

    Dooley will spend countless hours poring over old notes from his mentor. The student becomes the teacher.

    1. Knoxville: Ben L 14-17
    2. Atlanta: Jessica L 21-35
    3. Charlotte: Enoch L 7-17
    4. Kingsport: Melinda L 21-30
    5. Chattanooga: Brent W 28-24
    6. Johnson City: Martin W 31-14
    7. Knoxville: Carol L 31-42
    8. Atlanta: Dennis L 17-27
    9. Nashville: Emile W 42-35
    10. Kingsport: Danny L 10-21

    John White B/R W 33-24

    Celebrity contributor Patrick Brown L 14-37

    Fan average L 22-26 John White W 33-24 Patrick Brown L 14-37

    Collective L 23-29

Oct. 29, South Carolina Gamecocks, Home

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    South Carolina

    2010 season record 9-5 overall

    5-3 conference


    The Gamecocks' most notable game was at home against 10th-ranked Alabama. It was a hard-fought game on both sides, but the evil genius in Steve Spurrier finally won through with a few tricks, and ample passing by Stephen Garcia.

    This will be Derek Dooley's chance to separate himself in the SEC East. A win here will put him on a pedestal, as Spurrier still owns more wins than losses inside Neyland Stadium. I think the visor will be dirty by the third quarter.

    1. Knoxville: Ben L 21-24
    2. Atlanta: Jessica W 35-7
    3. Charlotte: Enoch W 31-28
    4. Kingsport: Melinda W 21-20
    5. Chattanooga: Brent L 14-23
    6. Johnson City: Martin L 13-21
    7. Knoxville: Carol W 24-13
    8. Atlanta: Dennis W 42-32
    9. Nashville: Emile W 27-24
    10. Kingsport: Danny L 21-34

    John White B/R W 33-24

    Celebrity contributor Patrick Brown L 28-31

    Fan average L 25-23 John White W 33-24 Patrick Brown L 14-37

    Collective L 24-28 

Nov. 5, Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders, Home

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    Middle Tennessee

    2010 season record 6-7 overall

    5-3 conference

    Sun Belt

    The Blue Raiders' most notable game last season was against the Florida International Golden Panthers. The 28-27 win was closely fought, as one of the quickest rushing teams in the nation, struggles to keep pace with the Blue Raiders relentless defense.

    This is also a team that Tennessee is expected to beat up on, but the same was said last season when it took the Vols an OT to beat UA-Birmingham. The Raiders will try hard but fall short.

    1. Knoxville: Ben W 34-6
    2. Atlanta: Jessica W 49-7
    3. Charlotte: Enoch W 27-10
    4. Kingsport: Melinda W 24-7
    5. Chattanooga: Brent W 33-17
    6. Johnson City: Martin W 42-6
    7. Knoxville: Carol W 31-14
    8. Atlanta: Dennis W 35-0
    9. Nashville: Emile W 28-3
    10. Kingsport: Danny W 42-21

    John White B/R W 28-3

    Celebrity contributor Patrick Brown W 41-14

    Fan average W 35-9 John White W 28-3 Patrick Brown W 41-14

    Collective W 35-9

Nov. 12, Arkansas Razorbacks, Away

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    2010 season record 10-3 overall

    6-2 conference


    Arkansas's most notable game last season, was their last regular season game against 10th-ranked LSU 31-23. Arkansas only losses last season were against top 10 teams.

    The Razorbacks will realize that the loss of Mallett was just too much.

    1. Knoxville: Ben W 21-20
    2. Atlanta: Jessica W 28-7
    3. Charlotte: Enoch L 14-35 
    4. Kingsport: Melinda L 7-14 
    5. Chattanooga: Brent W 39-27
    6. Johnson City: Martin W 47-35
    7. Knoxville: Carol L 13-29
    8. Atlanta: Dennis W 14-3
    9. Nashville: Emile W 24-17
    10. Kingsport: Danny W 35-30

    John White B/R L 21-33

    Celebrity contributor Patrick Brown L 24-38

    Fan average W 24-22 John White W 21-33 Patrick Brown L 24-38

    Collective L 23-31

Nov. 19, Vanderbilt Commodores, Home

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    2010 season record 2-10 overall

    1-7 conference


    Vanderbilt's most notable game was last season was their 28-14 win over a dreadful Ole Miss team.

    They lost their head coach at the end of the season, so the 2011 season will probably suffer as well due to talent issues and consistent coaching.

    This will probably be the Vols highest scoring game against an SEC opponent.

    Alas, poor Vandy, we knew her well.

    1. Knoxville: Ben W 24-7
    2. Atlanta: Jessica W 35-14
    3. Charlotte: Enoch W 21-20
    4. Kingsport: Melinda W 44-17
    5. Chattanooga: Brent W 42-21
    6. Johnson City: Martin W 34-3
    7. Knoxville: Carol W 24-3
    8. Atlanta: Dennis W 36-10
    9. Nashville: Emile W 31-0
    10. Kingsport: Danny L 14-17

    John White B/R W 42-7

    Celebrity contributor Patrick Brown W 35-13

    Fan average W 31-11 John White W 42-7 Patrick Brown W 35-13

    Collective W 31-11

Nov. 26, Kentucky Wildcats, Away

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    2010 season record 6-7 overall

    2-6 conference


    Kentucky's most notable game last season was a shocker when the Wildcats beat 10th-ranked South Carolina 31-28 at home. Kentucky keeps getting better each year.

    With Joker Phillips at the helm as coach it is going to be increasingly harder for the Vols to keep their win streak over the Wildcats. Still, Dooley doesn't want to be the man that lost to Kentucky.

    Kentucky battles very hard, but disappoints the Joker.

    1. Knoxville: Ben W 28-27
    2. Atlanta: Jessica W 33-28
    3. Charlotte: Enoch W 21-20
    4. Kingsport: Melinda W 30-7
    5. Chattanooga: Brent W 44-10
    6. Johnson City: Martin W 21-17
    7. Knoxville: Carol W 36-33
    8. Atlanta: Dennis W 38-14
    9. Nashville: Emile W 27-24
    10. Kingsport: Danny W 34-10

    John White B/R W 35-10

    Celebrity contributor Patrick Brown W 27-20

    Fan average W 31-19 John White W 35-10 Patrick Brown W 27-20

    Collective W 31-16

So What Are the Results?

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    Fans average 10-2

    John White 11-1

    Patrick Brown 7-5

    Collective average 7-5

    By the numbers it appears Patrick is pretty freaking smart, and no I did not manufacture or trick the math. If you don't trust me, pick up a calculator.

    My stats were based on two variables: starting returners with their individual stats, and strength of opponent, which was a lot of different variables.

    And, before you ask the projected analysis is not reflective of my expectations. I actually have Tennessee losing to Alabama, Georgia, and Arkansas. But, if 11-1 comes to light I think Vol fans will be more than happy.

    A quick thanks to all my survey guinea pigs, and a special thanks to Patrick Brown for shooting me his game picks with very little notice. You can check Patrick's bio here. http://www.timesfreepress.com/staff/patrick-brown/

    Like or don't like what you read, let me know.