College Football 2011: Connor Brewer and the Future of Texas Longhorn QBs

Craig ChapmanCorrespondent IMay 27, 2011

Case McCoy
Case McCoyRonald Martinez/Getty Images

With all of the rumors about Garrett Gilbert being named the starter for 2011 behind closed doors and other quarterbacks potentially considering a transfer, the future seems so uncertain for Texas fans.

A repeat of the 2010 season is not what anybody wants and Bryan Harsin has made it a goal to change the offensive culture in Austin to one that is consistent and dominant.

While the jury is still out on whether or not the quarterbacks on the roster can fit into Harsin's style, it's comforting that his recent recruiting venture has led to the commitment of a high school quarterback that he believes will fit into the new Longhorn system.

This new commit is Connor Brewer from Chaparral High School in Scottsdale, Arizona.

This 4-star pro-style quarterback is one of the most polished players in the 2012 recruiting class. He has led his team to state championships his sophomore and junior year and has put up great numbers. His 57 touchdowns and 12 interceptions in two years are very impressive numbers and he still has one more year to go.

Three things that are going to be required in Harsin's new offense are accuracy, good decision-making and power. Connor certainly has all three of those characteristics. He boasted a 67 percent completion percentage his senior year while averaging 18 yards per completed pass. His highlight footage and training videos only strengthen the kind of the player he is perceived to be. His mechanics are smooth, swift and intact when in the pocket or under pressure.

His accuracy and ball placement are top quality. Even in deep situations, he floats the ball beautifully for receivers. He doesn't have the tendency of under-throwing receivers but will still have to make some small adjustments to the speed of the college game to prevent that from happening.

Footwork in his training videos is great and, like I previously stated, it is clear that he is a very polished player when it comes to his mechanics. Connor is built to be a powerful quarterback and while he may not have top-notch running skills, he can certainly improvise when the situation calls for it.

His ability to power the ball down the field is more than enough to embarrass defenses at the college level. He may not have an elite deep-ball throw but that won't be necessary in the Harsin offense. If he can drop a 60-yard bomb to the hands of Jaxon Shipley or Mike Davis, which he absolutely could, then Longhorn fans will be happy regardless.

But when you look at the current roster, it's clear that the team is oozing with quarterback talent. While we would like to believe that these players would put Texas first and have the ultimate pride in their school, it should be expected that one of these players will transfer.

GJ Kinne transferred to Tulsa in 2008 and Jevan Snead transferred to Ole Miss in 2006. While they had great careers at their respective schools, the Longhorns were just fine with four-year starter Colt McCoy and his backups throughout those years.

Here is a look at the projected quarterback roster in 2012.

Garrett Gilbert Senior Austin, TX
Case McCoy Junior Graham, TX
Connor Wood Sophomore Houston, TX
David Ash Redshirt Freshman Belton, TX
Connor Brewer Freshman Scottsdale, AZ

Assuming Brewer redshirts, this would leave four total QBs on the 2013 roster and he very well could start if he outperforms McCoy, Wood and Ash. Harsin has no problems starting a freshman over an experienced player with 2008 being the best example, as Kellen Moore was given the starting job over a senior, sophomore and another freshman.

If the rumors about Gilbert being named the starter are true, then it is likely that Wood or McCoy would transfer. It's a sad situation to think about but this is the reality when you have an incumbent like Gilbert that has the potential to be a starter for two more years.

Could he be dethroned in the middle of the season? It's possible and fans skeptical of Gilbert would not be surprised by a move like that. But a player that feels like he can be a multi-year starter is likely to go somewhere else and a transfer is possible if they don't move up the depth chart to their liking.

Beyond that, the future of quarterbacks at Texas looks strong and a stellar start to Brewer's college career could mean the position is locked up for years to come. The kind of quarterback and offense that Bryan Harsin wants to achieve will only mean continued success for the Texas Longhorns.