Missouri Football: What the Tyler Gabbert Transfer Means for the Program

Koala BearContributor IMay 9, 2011

The main talk of Columbia during spring practice centered around one question: Tyler Gabbert or James Franklin?

As the practices wore on you heard a lot of reports coming out that Gabbert was winning the battle. Until the very end, when Franklin made a strong push all the way to the Spring Game where he took back the number one quarterback role.

This morning the University of Missouri Athletic Department, according to reports, announced that Gabbert is going to transfer out of the program, although the reason for his departure is unknown.

There is some speculation that it is either because of the obvious reason; Franklin won the job and he sees the writing on the wall. Or that since the quarterback and his brother Blaine (who was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars) have a very tight bond that he wanted to move closer to him.

Where Gabbert is going is also up for debate, he has not made an official comment yet but there is people who are thinking that the four star recruit from Parkway West High school might be looking at a school in the southeast near Florida. Although it would probably not be a SEC school there is the chance of an ACC, Big East or even an FCS school where he could start right away.

This is going to take much of the drama out of the summer and fall practices considering James Franklin is now going to be a shoe-in at quarterback, which isn't a bad thing at all. Gabbert was redshirted last year but came in during the same class as Franklin, so if he didn't win the job this year there was a good chance that his starting days were probably not going to begin for a while.

There will also not be a quarterback controversy that could possibly take some of the coaching staffs focus away from other important parts of the team. 

Overall, I think this is a good thing for the football team this year and moving forward. I wish the best of luck to Tyler Gabbert in his future experiences.