Poll the Coaches of LSU's Remaining Opponents

Leo DonelonCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2008

The question that would be asked is: Did the result of the LSU-Florida game make you less concerned about playing the Tigers?


I think that most would comment that the Florida loss, if anything, has helped the Tigers to compete for the SEC title and all things after.


The following reasons apply. 


Offense! Fumbles and interceptions are correctable issues, especially if you are coaching Division I college football! The offense may need tweaking, but 21 points against a quality team like Florida is a good showing. Fumbles and interceptions corrected, and that number goes up.


That leaves the defense!  51 points scored on his defense makes a coach really look at his defense. Any coach worth his salt will scrutinize everything, from gaps to schemes to players.  This makes it harder for the next opponent, because he knows changes are going to be made.


There is no doubt that LSU is laden with talent.  The other SEC schools also recruited a lot of the Tigers’ players. Meyer at Florida was in the same spot with his offense a few weeks ago. The change that he made was to start using the speed of his freshman running backs. He started it against Ole Miss, and it paid dividends against the Tigers. 


Back-to-back championships are very rare, and undisputed back-to-back championships even more so. If LSU wins out the rest of the year, including winning in Atlanta at the SEC championship, a top five finish is almost assured.  That sets them up nicely for next year. One loss after Atlanta could also put them in the BCS title game!


I don’t think any coach who gets LSU thinks that they will be a pushover win—including Urban Meyer the next time around, be that this year or next! LSU looks like it may be in the top two for incoming recruiting classes for next year.


Once in a while a good sucker punch wakes you up and makes you work even harder! There is nothing more dangerous than a wounded Tiger!