Fun with Stats, SEC Style

Tim PollockSenior Writer IOctober 14, 2008

At about the midway point of the season, I thought it would be fun to look at some stats from the nation’s toughest conference. 

Here are some of the interesting facts I found. 

The Florida Gators are number one in points per game, at 38.5, and they only give up 13 a game.  No wonder fans were calling for Dan Mullen’s job.  Sarcasm intended.    

Talk about balance: Georgia is number one in pass offense (271 a game) and number six in rush offense (159 a game).  Both add up to number one in total offense.

Talk about imbalance: Alabama might be number one in rush offense (at a ridiculous 226 a game), but their pass offense is only producing 152 yards a game, good for 11th in the conference. 

Punting surprise: South Carolina has punted the fewest times (17) despite playing an extra game.  Meanwhile...

Not so much of a punting surprise: Auburn has booted it a whopping 50 times.

Kentucky has only allowed four sacks.  South Carolina has allowed 24. 

Vanderbilt has a total of 542 passing yards in six games.  By comparison, Graham Harrell had 536 passing yards in August—after Texas Tech’s first game. 

Florida has not missed a field goal this year (9-9).  Kentucky and Arkansas are a combined 11-22. 

Georgia has 75 first downs in the air.  Vanderbilt has 26. 

Vanderbilt owns the red zone: The ‘Dores score 95 percent of the time and only allow teams to score 65 percent of the time. 

Georgia converts on third down 48 percent of the time.  Auburn converts 29 percent.

Vandy and Kentucky are one and two in sacks.  LSU and Tennessee are tied at number 10. What?  

Tennessee has picked off 11 passes.  Georgia has only picked off three.  Eric Berry has more INTs by himself (four) than Georgia does as a team.     

Arkansas’ Michael Smith gets some serious yardage—166 per game to be exact. 

The three leading tacklers in the conference are Ellix Wilson, Patrick Benoist, and Jamarca Sanford.  Who? 

Brian Mimbs booted a 77-yard punt.  Yes, it rolled forever, but still...77 yards. 

For all the talk of a struggling Tim Tebow, he is number one in pass efficiency and has the most passing touchdowns (10) and fewest interceptions (one).  The other quarterback with 10 passing touchdowns, Chris Smelley, has nine interceptions.   

Where have all the sack-masters gone?  Four sacks gets you number one in the SEC these days?  

And the receivers too?  The SEC’s leading receiver, Brandon LaFell, is only averaging 5.8 catches and 81 yards per game.  

Florida leads the league in turnover margin at +10.  Arkansas, no surprise here, is last with -8. 

Arian Foster has zero rushing touchdowns.  Knowshon Moreno has 10. 

Derek Pegues, who does not play offense, leads the Bulldogs in all-purpose yards per game.  That’s sad.   

Georgia is penalized over 85 yards a game.  Vanderbilt is only penalized 36 yards per game. 

John Parker Wilson’s longest touchdown pass is 36 yards. 

Shay Hodge gets nearly 22 yards per catch. 

Tennessee allows opponents to convert on third down 42 percent of the time. 

South Carolina has only given up two passing touchdowns.  Arkansas and Ole Miss have both given up nine. 

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