Coach Stewart Seeks to Explain WVU's Problems

Frank AhrensSenior Writer IOctober 14, 2008

Here are some quotes from Coach Bill Stewart's Tuesday afternoon press conference with my comments.

In case you've already wiped it from your mind, WVU prevailed in an underwhelming 17-6 win over an overmatched Syracuse opponent on Saturday, sans injured starting quarterback Pat White.

Here's what Stewart had to say today:

"Coach Don Nehlen used to say, 'There are 80 slugs in a fight. Sometimes you knock them out with the third punch, sometimes you knock them out midway through, but most of the time, it’s 80 slugs.' That is what that game was about."

Note to Coach Stewart: You may believe Don Nehlen was WVU's greatest head coach and greatest gentleman, but each and every time you invoke his name, you remind WVU fans of 7-4, 8-3 seasons.

Coach Rodriguez, for all his faults: 11-win seasons, BCS wins. There is no value to you or solace for WVU fans by exhuming Nehlen, despite his solid run and his hard work to elevate a disastrous program to respectability. Please stop.


"I was pleased with that win. Was I overjoyed? No. Would I like to have more splash? Yes. Would it be nice to win with more points? Sure."

Well. That's the first time we've heard you say that. And it's good to hear.


"I was going to play field position, old time football, and win."

But then you go and ruin it all by saying that.


"We would like to pitch and catch more. We need to do that more but I’m very content on winning football games with our defense and kicking game. That’s what I was raised on."

Okay, we threw up a little in our mouths just then.


"Again, Greg Isdaner, Ryan Stanchek and Mike Dent did not go through spring ball together and they are just starting to gel."

This may be a legitimate point and an answer other than this onenew offensive line coach Mark Johnson is ruining a top-knotch O-linethat seems plausible. 

It's hard to feature how badly this O-line is blocking considering it's the same O-line that dominated Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl in January. The perfectly executed sweep that got Noel Devine the 92-yard touchdown runvintage 2006 Steve Slatonmay have been one lucky accident. Or it may be a taste of things to come for the rest of the season.


"I will tell you that I will call the plays. Jeff Mullen will call the plays. Jeff Casteel will call the plays on special teams, offense and defense. No player will call the plays. They will play. So I’m glad I found out things sooner rather than later, and no player’s daddy is going to call the plays either."

In your FACE, Taj Boyd's daddy!