Who’s on Top? The Big Twelve Is Eerily Equal

Peter RCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2008

Easy Wins in the Big Twelve


This was not a day to miss in college football. No. 1 was supposed to be reconfirmed. Four ranked Big Twelve teams were supposed to win easily.



Number One


Pundits and fans alike like having the certainty of knowing that the teams on top are just that much better than the rest. A few weeks ago everybody knew that USC was just superior and they would go undefeated. There was even a B/R article that worried that an undefeated USC could be denied a shot at the title.


This week the anointed one was Oklahoma. They had the superior quarterback. The game would spotlight two potential Heisman hopefuls. Oklahoma went to the Texas state fair to show college football fans what number one could do.


The “outmanned” Texas team forgot to read the Oklahoma byline. Colt McCoy helped himself in the awards category while lifting Texas to victory in the Red River Shootout.



Number Three


Missouri played host to an undefeated number seventeen ranked Oklahoma State team. The home crowd and a whiney Heisman candidate would certainly provide victory for the Tiger faithful.


The only people who knew the outcome in advance were crammed into a visitor’s locker room in Columbia. The superior quarterback on this day was wearing the visitor’s uniform. Daniel’s three interceptions should shut him out of the Heisman.


Oklahoma State needed determined defensive play and a few great plays. Missouri mounted a comeback but came up short.



Number Seven


After Missouri handed Nebraska an embarrassing home loss in Lincoln, Texas Tech was supposed to dismember them in Lubbock. A vastly superior top ten team was expected to substitute early to keep from making the once mighty from looking too fallen.


Today on a day of equality in the Big Twelve, Nebraska chose to show up to play. It came down to overtime. Texas Tech scored first but their extra point was blocked by the meek.


All Nebraska had to do was look like they had in the second half. In overcoming a ten point deficit. Nebraska showed flashes of brilliance.


Senior quarterback Joe Ganz tossed up an easy interception to end the Huskers’ hope for a victory. Add this one to the heartbreaking loss to Virginia Tech. Two games came down to the wire with Nebraska on the short end of the stick.



Number Sixteen


Kansas was ahead by two at the half. Both teams scored touchdowns in the third quarter. With the Buffalos trailing by two after three quarter Kansas put up 14 more points to win.



A tough conference to play in


Mark down two upsets of top ranked teams by other ranked Big Twelve teams. Mark down two to twenty teams escaping defeat at the hands of unranked Big Twelve North teams. It is tough to win a national championship when you face that level of competition week in and week out.


When the downtrodden are not so down and the out are nipping at the heels, you know teams will have to bring their "A" game every week to survive the Big Twelve.


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