Nebraska Football: Spring Game Felt Like Deja Vu All Over Again

Patrick RungeCorrespondent IApril 21, 2011

(Taylor Martinez, showing off the passing accuracy he demonstrated at the end of 2010)

The Husker Hotwire staff is not well known for a great memory, a trait they hope is shared by loyal Hotwire readers in judging the quality of the Hotwire. But even the Hotwire has certain images of Nebraska football that can clearly be recalled from the end of last season, such as:

- Taylor Martinez throwing behind receivers.

- Taylor Martinez looking uncomfortable on the run.

- Taylor Martinez freezing, then collapsing under a corner blitz.

- Cody Green looking stiff and uncomfortable running the option.

- Cody Green missing receivers high.

- Cody Green looking flustered and inconsistent.

Watching the performance of both Martinez and Green at the spring game on Saturday, in which they checked off all the boxes listed above, had a very Yogi Berra "deja vu all over again" feel to it. Nebraska fans looking for reasons to be excited about 2011 didn't get many watching their incumbent quarterbacks perform.

But, fear not, Husker Nation! According to head coach Bo Pelini and offensive coordinator Tim Beck, the offense being run at the spring game wasn't at all what Nebraska will show this fall. The spring game's offense was very vanilla, very simplified and incredibly basic and uncomplicated.

So, not to worry, says Pelini and his staff. The fact that both Green and Martinez struggled to execute this very vanilla, very simplified incredibly basic and uncomplicated offense means that Husker fans should expect dramatic improvements in their play as the offense gets more complicated and the defenses they face get quicker and more challenging.

Makes perfect sense to the Hotwire staff. But, then again, it's likely that the spring game will be a foggy recollection for the Hotwire by September. In case you hadn't heard, memory is not the Hotwire's strongest suit.

Hotwire Timelines

April 05, 2011. Nebraska Athletic Director Doctor Tom Osborne, as quoted here, said televising the spring game would be a bad idea because "you're doing a lot of different things offensively or defensively, you don't necessarily want to put it out there where somebody could make a copy of it and work on you over the summer."

April 17, 2011. makes a DVD of the spring game highlights available for sale (along with a free schedule magnet!) Shh! Don't tell the folks in Columbus and Ann Arbor about it!

Beeonegee Conference Update

Here at the Husker Hotwire, we remain committed to covering the news from Nebraska's new conference-mates in the B1G Conference. This week, Nittany Lion Hotwire informs us that even though head coach Joe Paterno's contract only runs through the 2012 season, the university bigwigs have told fans not to assume that the 84-year-old Paterno will be stepping down after the contract expires.

The Hotwire staff struggled with how to respond to this news, with opinion sharply divided between going with age joke or with an Italian "worried about JoePa leaving? Fuhgedaboudit" gag.

In the interest of avoiding the appearance of insensitivity, and not at all concerned with the legal department's warnings about potential lawsuits, the decision instead was made to make a reference to 2012 being the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar and surmising that perhaps Paterno knows something we don't.

After all, references to obscure and extinct tribes tend to generate far fewer lawsuits. Usually.

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In a stunner, Fighting Iri$h Hotwire reports that an investigation of Notre Dame by Notre Dame about whether Notre Dame was at fault for the death of a student filming a Notre Dame practice as directed by Notre Dame coaches found that no one was at fault. In another stunner, the Hotwire stole the premise of this gag from columnist Gregg Doyel, and hopes the MMA fan with the sledgehammer doesn't notice.

Fighting Sioux Hotwire reports that the North Dakota legislature, while being apparently able to pass laws outlawing sleeping with your shoes on and serving beer and pretzels at the same time in a bar, does not have the authority toprevent the NCAA from hammering the University of North Dakota if it continues to use the nickname and logo deemed "offensive" by the NCAA.

In apparently-not-related news, Fighting Iri$h Hotwire has no reports of the NCAA taking action against the drunken Irishman caricatures featured at Notre Dame's official online store.

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