Oklahoma Football: Things We Learned from the Sooners' Spring Game

Luke McConnellCorrespondent IApril 19, 2011

There was a lot of sunshine in Norman on Saturday as the Sooners battled it out on the field in the annual Red and White spring game.

Based on the performance, there is going to be a lot of sun shining down on Oklahoma's season in 2011.

Plenty of tiny things were learned on Saturday, many of which were just confirmed thoughts that fans had or that coaches had been speculating on in the media throughout spring practice. Here's just a couple of them:

  • The secondary won't be a problem. Gabe Lynn and Aaron Colvin are going to be darn good at cornerback and safety respectively.
  • There is no clear frontrunner at the running back position.
  • The defensive tackles are ready to do big things.
  • The offensive line is going to be stellar and provide the Sooners with a great running game.

We could go on and on about the little things. Or we could save a lot of time and effort and energy and say what a lot of people have been wondering ever since the media began to crown Oklahoma the team to beat in 2011.

Oklahoma is going to be a very special football team this season.

There is no use arguing about all the road woes from the past or the choking in big games. No matter what way you cut the cake, you cannot get away from the fact that the Sooners are definitely one of, if not the favorite to win the national championship in 2011. 

There's so much talent on the field for Oklahoma, and a lot of it is young talent.

On defense, Lynn, Colvin, Tony Jefferson, Tom Wort and Corey Nelson are all sophomores. Ronnell Lewis is a junior. And that's not even everyone.

Offensively, Trey Franks, Roy Finch, Brennan Clay, Kenny Stills, Trey Millard and Gabe Ikard are all sophomores as well. 

These players came in ready to play and they have shown that through their play on the field so far, both last fall and this spring.

Barry Switzer has said that the players that know how to practice hard are the players that will be the best, regardless of age. That's been the case with last year's class, a class that Stoops repeatedly referred to as his best.

Now, with that class and other redshirt freshmen and sophomores ready to play, Stoops says that he has never had more players that the coaching staff has complete confidence in to play at a high level on the field.

Saturday, the Sooners proved that all the hype about being the team to beat in 2011 is justified.  

It wasn't a hard lesson to learn.