BOOM! Why Florida's Muschamp Is Already My Favorite Coach

Grant GilleyContributor IApril 15, 2011

GAINESVILLE, FL - APRIL 9:  Coach Will Muschamp of the Florida Gators takes the field before the Orange and Blue spring football game April 9, 2010 Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Will Muschamp hasn't won anything as a head coach at the University of Florida. Heck, for that matter, Muschamp hasn't won anything anywhere as a head coach, but he's already my favorite Gator coach of all time. 

Forgive me for being so naive at 23 years of age. You see, I wasn't old enough at the time to fully comprehend what Steve Spurrier did for the Florida football program in the 90s. I now look back upon and appreciate the old ball coach for establishing "The Swamp" and helping Florida become an elite college football program.

I developed my passion for Florida football in 2001 when Rex Grossman established himself as another great Gator quarterback, Spurrier's last season in Gainesville. I don't have memories of Steve Spurrier, just a ton of respect for him.

Maybe I am taking Urban Meyer, the man who brought two BCS titles and two SEC championships back to Gainesville for granted. I know what he did at Florida will be very tough for Muschamp to emulate.

Thanks to Coach Meyer, I have been able to celebrate two BCS National Championships. Some people go all of their lives without seeing their favorite team win a championship. Tim Tebow became the greatest Florida football player of all time under Meyer's tutelage. What Urban has done for Gator Nation isn't lost on me, but I was never able to personally identify with him.

It could be the Georgia boy in me that identifies with Muschamp, being that we hail from the same great state and all, but that's not the reason Coach Muschamp is my favorite. I really like the fact that Jeremy Foley took a former star safety for the Georgia Bulldogs and put him orange and blue, but that's far from the reason why Will Muschamp already tops the list of my favorite Florida coaches.

One word sums up why I appreciate Coach Muschamp so much... BOOM!

It's Muschamp's intensity and passion for Florida football and his desire to turn high school kids into men of high character. I can identify with someone who wants to win desperately, but wont sacrifice integrity to do it. Florida is in need of a makeover in the worst way.

Lee Corso said Muschamp should not have hired offensive coordinator Charlie Weis because their personalities will clash on the gridiron. Sorry Coach Corso, but Will Muschamp doesn't have a strong personality, he has a passion for winning and being great, a passion that has been missing in Gainesville since Tim Tebow left campus. This is why a man who has proven nothing is already my favorite head ball coach.