Nebraska Football Recruiting: DE Greg McMullen Could Help Make or Break Class

Brandon CavanaughCorrespondent IApril 13, 2011

The Nebraska Red-White Spring Game takes place this Saturday and promises to be an eye-opening experience for those recruits who are yet to see how many Cornhusker fans will come out to see a scrimmage.

The atmosphere needs to leave a lasting impression on all recruits, but especially on visiting defensive end prospect Greg McMullen.

Half of the battle is getting McMullen to campus—should he arrive, it’s a safe bet that Nebraska will go all-out in an effort to woo the Akron, Ohio native.

The need for McMullen comes from the fact that after the 2011-2012 season ends, the Cornhuskers will have only 12 defensive ends on their roster.

To illustrate the severe gap between other positions, Nebraska will head into the next offseason with 18 wide receivers and 25 offensive linemen, assuming no attrition takes place.

McMullen isn’t a prospect being courted simply out of necessity, though.

Currently rated as a four-star prospect by and, has him on their Top 250-to-Watch List.

If you’re not a fan of the star-ranking system, his offers should speak for themselves.

Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue and Cincinnati have all thrown their hat into the ring for his services, next to Nebraska.

According to, McMullen currently favors Nebraska, Ohio State and Notre Dame above all other schools.

Defensive coordinator Carl Pelini and defensive line coach/recruiting coordinator John Papuchis lead the Cornhuskers' effort for the 6’5”, 255-pound recruit.

McMullen gives Nebraska one of it's first true tests when recruiting in Ohio State's territory. The Cornhuskers were ranked second to the Buckeyes in conference class rankings by many during this past cycle.

It’s also well-known amongst recruiting circles that whomever Jim Tressel wants within the Buckeyes’ reach, he usually gets—but how much will Ohio State’s recent troubles with the NCAA impact their recruitment?

The current cracks in the Buckeyes’ hull may be just wide enough for the Cornhuskers to pull McMullen out of Akron as both a crown jewel for the class and to plug holes in their own ship.

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