BlogPoll: Something's Different in Week Six

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst IOctober 6, 2008

BP6 is preheating, and before it's ready, you have your usual chance to tell me I have no clue about college football (a concept I readily accept). There is some movement and questionable selections. Also, that post I previously redacted—remember it now.

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Dropped Out: Auburn (No. 13), Wisconsin (No. 16), Oregon (No. 17), Fresno State (No. 22).

Ohio State went on the road and beat a desperate team. That is a pretty tough feat, and somewhat tempered by Wisky’s previous loss. Exactly who has Wisconsin beaten? Answer: no one. (Yeah, Fresno—we’re looking at you.)

Still, if the Badgers can scratch their way to a victory over Penn State this weekend, you can be sure to see Ohio State receive a bump—assuming they take care of the ‘Due. Oh yeah, Wisconsin disappeared.

At the top

It would be poetic justice if Southern Cal and Alabama played in a bowl game, and the best game of the year, as they each play to the opposing jersey. Put an Oregon State or Kentucky uniform in front of them, and they fall asleep. Put a ranked foe in the ring, and they play through the roof.

Accordingly, Bama dropped this week and Southern Cal jumped.

SEC Action

Vanderbilt was this week’s recipient of the half-priced ranking—going from No. 20 to No. 10. On the other end, Auburn did a sailor dive right out of the poll and will not return—ever. Their offense isn’t just bad—it’s annoying.

Little guys

BYU took a bit of a tumble, and rightfully so. Their previous ranking at No. 7 was a little high for me to stomach, and those who jumped in front of the Cougars are more deserving at this stage. If BYU wins out—defeating TCU and Utah on the road—they will earn their rightful place in the poll (wherever that may be).