Illini Initial Reaction

Eff YouContributor IOctober 5, 2008

-- Steve Threet.  Yes, Threet is a gamer and is a better running QB than we imagined, but his accuracy leaves an incredible amount to be desired.  He ended up 18-35 for 250 yards, 1 TD, and 0 INT.  Not terrible numbers, but I'm not looking forward to rewatching the game tomorrow.  I plan on counting the number of overthrows.  I gotta believe it's in double digits.  

--Defense against the zone read.  THEY PLAY AGAINST IT EVERYDAY yet Juice Williams goes for 121 yards.  Unbelievable.  If it really is that easy to have a QB look that good against what we thought was an above average defense using the zone read, I cannot wait to get a mobile QB in there.  What makes me even angrier is that you'd hope UM would make Williams pay for keeping the ball so often.  Outside of a couple hits, I don't remember them getting any good licks on him.

--DB Play.  I don't need to say much about this terrible pursuit angles in the running defense, even worse angles on balls in the air.  This team blitzes way too much to leave some of these DBs in space as often as they do, especially the safeties.

--Ball security.  Beat into the ground.  Everyone on this team needs to watch tape of Mike Hart.

Too angry to expound further.  6-6 is an absolute best case scenario at this point.  Wheeee.