Will The Crimson Tide Go Unbeaten? Breaking Down the Rest of Alabama's Schedule

Dusty FloydCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2008

The Alabama Crimson Tide has fallen on many lists of power rankings after a close 17-14 win over Kentucky this past weekend. Did you think they'd blow out all of their opponents? Not in the SEC they won't.

LSU lost two games last year, and that didn't stop them from winning the national championship. This Alabama squad could be different though, that's why I will break down the rest of their schedule for you, and tell you who could potentially upset them.


October 18: Ole Miss Rebels

Ole Miss will attempt to knock off another major SEC contender as they did against Florida. I can tell you one thing, Nick Saban better have his team ready for this game, or else they will fall just as Florida did in week five. No worries though, Saban will have the Crimson Tide ready.

Prediction: Alabama 27-10


October 25: @ Tennessee Volunteers

This is one to watch out for. If Alabama does not come in ready, Tennessee has a big chance of winning. At 2-3 right now, this Tennessee team has a new, talented quarterback in Nick Stephens who will get experience in three games prior to the Alabama game. The Volunteers have the talent to finally pull out a big victory and stun the nation against the Crimson Tide.

Prediction: Tennessee 17-14


November 1: Arkansas State Indians

Alabama will seek revenge after a loss to Tennessee, and will take all of their anger out on Arkansas State. Not much to say about this one, the Indians have no chance at all.

Prediction: Alabama 42-3


November 8: @ LSU Tigers

Les Miles will bring out some more Tiger magic in this one. LSU may not be as talented as Alabama in this one, but Les Miles will win this one the same way he did against Florida in 2007, great coaching. The Baton Rouge fans won't help Alabama at all in this game either.

Prediction: LSU 27-21


November 15: Mississippi State Bulldogs

Mississippi State has been a disappointment so far this year, and the disappointing play will continue in this game. John Parker Wilson will pass all over their defense, and the Bulldogs won't have much response on offense.

Prediction: Alabama 34-7


November 29: Auburn Tigers

Although Auburn had a very strong performance against LSU, even though they couldn't pull out the win, they had a big letdown in the loss to Vanderbilt. Even with Auburn's strong defense, Alabama's high-powered offense is very hard to slow down. Auburn will keep this rivalry game pretty close.

Prediction: Alabama 24-13


Regular Season Record: 10-2


Alabama could easily win the Tennessee game and the LSU game if they prepare properly. They are the most brutal team in the country, and they showed that against Georgia.

If Alabama wins the SEC championship win one loss to the Volunteers, they deserve a spot in the national championship game. Any SEC champion with one loss deserves a spot in the national championship game. Alabama controls their own destiny right now, let's see what they do with it.