Red River Shootout, National Champs in the Swamp Highlight Week Seven

David HedlindAnalyst IIOctober 7, 2008

Tuesday, Oct. 7

Troy at Florida Atlantic

Preseason had this game pegged as a potential Sun Belt decider. While it is still early in conference play, Florida Atlantic is already 0-1. Troy, on the other hand, is 1-0. Thing is there are other teams making noise in the conference.

Thursday, Oct. 9

Clemson at Wake Forest

I was sure this would be two ranked teams, but so far Clemson hasn’t fully lived up to the early hype. In the end I am sure it will still end up having some effect on the ACC Atlantic.

Friday, Oct. 10

Louisville at Memphis

Hey, anyone else remember back in the day when these two played in Conference USA together? Yeah, I barely remember it too. I looked it up, and the last time they played, Louisville won 56-49.

Saturday, Oct. 11

Texas vs. Oklahoma

Red River Shootout. Red River Shootout. Red River Shootout. You couldn’t pay me enough to get me to call it that other name they changed it to. Oh yeah, both teams are undefeated and ranked in the top five.

South Carolina at Kentucky

I don’t have a lot to say here other than don’t expect many points. It may have a small impact on the SEC East, but I kinda doubt it.

Utah vs. Wyoming

A couple things to look for here. Will Utah stay undefeated? Can Utah shut out Wyoming at home like they did at Utah last season? Will Wyoming coach Joe Glenn flip the bird again this year?

Vanderbilt at Mississippi State

Vanderbilt is leading the SEC East. Mississippi State has only one win this season, and that was over an FCS team. If Vandy wins, that makes six wins, and that could mean a bowl.

Arizona State at USC

Another of the “looked good in the preseason and now not so much” games. Arizona State may not be up where most thought they would be, but this game will still have an impact on the Pac-10 race.

Michigan State at Northwestern

This is the biggest game this week in the Big Ten. Michigan State has Heisman hopeful Javon Ringer and a 5-1 record, while Northwestern, at 5-0, doesn’t really have that standout name.

Notre Dame at North Carolina

Both teams are having pretty good years so far. Notre Dame has already topped last year's win total, and North Carolina has tied theirs. Hope Notre Dame took some notes on punt team.

Western Michigan at Buffalo

Buffalo has been playing tough this year despite their 2-3 record. They stayed close with Central Michigan and now take on Western Michigan, who is also a good team in the MAC West. It isn’t high profile, but it should be a good game.

Arizona at Stanford

Arizona currently sits atop the Pac-10 standings. Stanford is 2-1 in conference play. Both teams have improved from last season, and this game could probably decide which one goes to a bowl and which doesn’t.

New Mexico at BYU

BYU is going for 6-0, and New Mexico is looking to spoil BYU’s BCS hopes. New Mexico shouldn’t be taken lightly as they are just a step behind the top teams of the Mountain West and are perfectly capable of upsetting someone.

Ball State at Western Kentucky

OK, so probably not really a good matchup or anything, but I gotta include Ball State in here.

LSU at Florida

Let’s see: two highly ranked SEC teams playing a night game in the Swamp. They are the last two National Champions. How many more reasons do you need?

Oklahoma State at Missouri

Two more undefeated and ranked Big 12 teams going at it. This one doesn’t have a cool nickname.

Penn State at Wisconsin

This could have been a Big Ten deciding game. Now that Wisconsin has lost two conference games, it may not have the same impact. Well, unless Wisconsin can pull the upset.

Boise State at Southern Miss

I bet when this one was set up it was huge. Now, not so much. I mean, it still has potential to be a good game, but not quite like when Southern Miss was one of the best teams in CUSA.

UCLA at Oregon

In my opinion, UCLA has improved every week. Oregon had a pretty big letdown at USC. So on one side you have improvement, and on the other a team needing to rebound.


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