Alabama Football 2011: Why a Greg McElroy Private Pro Day for the Seahawks?

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IApril 10, 2011

McElroy working out with South Alabama's Courtney Smith and Alabamas Earl Alexander
McElroy working out with South Alabama's Courtney Smith and Alabamas Earl Alexander

Things haven't gone well for Greg McElroy since he helped destroy Michigan State in the Capital One Bowl. He was shining in practice at the Senior Bowl, and then in one of those freak accidents that happen, he broke a bone in his throwing hand on a follow-through against a helmet.

That meant that come combine time and even pro days at Alabama, all McElroy had to show the scouts was his intelligence with the highest Wonderlic score of any of this year's potential draftees.

Yes, he has a reputation to rest on and plenty of game film for them to watch, but still, not being able to show your wares at these functions does in fact hurt you.

So this past week, McElroy threw a private party and sent out all the invitations and only had one guest show up, the Seattle Seahawks, who sent quarterback coach Carl Smith and their Southeast scout Derrick Jensen.

But McElroy is not just a genius on paper, in reality, and he made sure the throws were well taped and put on YouTube, and yes, I have that link here. So in reality, he may have only had one team show up, but his film has been dissected by the rest of the NFL, so don't read that much into only having one team show up.

He made all the throws he needed to make and looked much better in doing it than many thought he would with such a long layoff and a hand that is still healing.

But you can read sincere interest from Seattle in showing up. They only have one quarterback signed right now, and McElroy is a quarterback who could fit right into the system they have on offense. It is a system very similar to what the Crimson Tide has run during McElroy's time as a starter.

Most experts think that they could sign two quarterbacks in this year's draft and McElroy being projected to go no higher than the sixth round could mean they could get the quarterback they want on the cheap. He could come in as the solid backup, and it might allow them to draft a "project" quarterback even later down the ladder on the cheap side.

But there are other teams that are given McElroy a serious look. The Philadelphia Eagles have invited him down for a private day to show off his skills to them, and the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys have also publicly shown interest in this NFL ready talent.

While McElroy may not be drafted as a number one quarterback for a team, he may be the best of all the quarterbacks entering the draft to come in right away, learn your playbook in a hurry and be a solid backup quarterback this coming season.

It will be interesting to see who pulls the trigger first for him and just where in the draft he will go, but whoever gets him will more than likely get a great quarterback for a steal.