Auburn Blogger Lee Can't Spread Fire to Major Media

Jonathan KelleyCorrespondent IApril 8, 2011

Why won't you believe me?
Why won't you believe me?Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images editor and senior analyst Jeffrey Lee couldn't start a fire on the Sun. 

After breaking a story ( on a Mobile, Alabama radio show, his own employer refused to run his story.

Lee was supposed to be back on the Morning Sports Center show Friday but did not answer his phone or respond to emails, which leads one to wonder why, now, he's gone silent.

It seems strange in this age, with so much social media influence, that a story with these implications has not been picked up by any credible outlet.

That is, until you look at the facts about the story and its source.

First, the story cannot be substantiated without an involved party confessing. According to Lee the alleged payments and all transactions were in cash, which leaves almost no paper trail. 

The allegations range from $2500 in cash payments to Brent Calloway’s adopted father, to a car for Brent and the promise of $1200 a month for every month he was at Alabama.

Now just because a story cannot be substantiated does not mean it is not true. Again, consider the source. Lee is not only an journalist, but also an Auburn alum with an self-proclaimed hatred for Alabama.

He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism (which took him six years to obtain) and is an avid blogger/troll, depending on who you ask. He posts rumors on Auburn message boards and has a flair for the dramatic to match his hot temper.

During the Cam Newton scandal, he became so angry with a reader posting comments that Lee posted the reader's personal information, including their home address and telephone number, on an Auburn blog.

Jeffrey Lee was adamant that writers peddling unsubstantiated allegations about Cam Newton were nothing more than yellow journalist lacking all credibility, which makes clear what to think about his own.