Florida State Tops Miami, But Still Has a Long Way To Go.

Daniel BrommerCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2008

Florida State topped their biggest rival this past week beating Miami 41-39 and although this game used to have National Championships on the line, it was just as important this year, as any other year.

Both teams were playing young, inexperienced players all over the field, and both programs needed the win for two reasons. One: To stay in the hunt for an ACC title game. Two: To try and restore the program. Florida State proved to be the winner on Saturday, but there are still many things to overcome.

I really like Christian Ponder as the starter, but the inexperience is still very visible. Two interceptions and a fumble, not to mention he almost had more rushing yards then passing, which isn't always a bad thing, but when you have receivers like Florida State's, I would imagine they should be getting the ball. Ponder played savvy in the first half leading the Seminoles to a 24-3 first half lead.

Once the second half started it was almost downhill from there. Lucky for FSU, they have a top notch defense and their offense showed up to play, mainly Antone Smith who set a career mark of four rushing touchdowns in the game. The entire second half drove me crazy. It was almost as if the offense was waiting to self destruct.

The inexperience will factor out in the later games, and this was a huge test for the young Seminoles, but how are they going to react against teams like Virgina Tech, Clemson and Florida. If we want to restore the program, inexperience isn't an excuse. These players have to play up to their potential. They have to show up for every game. I think it's evident that if this FSU squad would have showed up for the Wake Forest game, we would be 5-0 right now. Simple mistakes cost even the smallest games.

I was happy with the win, but disappointed in the play at quarterback. I know Ponder is young, but he will be called upon to win some games down the road. Hopefully he will be up to the task.