College Football Thoughts and Opinions on Week Six

David HedlindAnalyst IIOctober 5, 2008

The Unusual Suspects

Think back to the preseason. What would you have said to me if I told you that, at around the halfway point, we would see Vanderbilt at 5-0 and atop the SEC East race, Arizona as the leader of the Pac-10, Northwestern at 5-0, Minnesota at 5-1, and Oklahoma State at 5-0 in a four-way tie in the Big 12 South? How about Duke, Baylor, Stanford, and Ole Miss not in last place in their respective conferences?


What’s Up With Maryland?

The Terps lose to Middle Tennessee State. They beat ranked Cal and ranked Clemson. Then they get shut out by a 2-3 Virginia team who just last week was beat 31-3 by Duke. They could probably contend if they found any consistency.


The Sorry State of Washington

Between the two schools, they have one win, and it was over FCS team Portland State. In their last games, they lost by a combined score of 67-17. The two have given up over 40 points seven times in 11 games so far this season.

Washington is in danger of losing its coach, as the rumors have been flying for a while now. Washington State is in year one of a new coach, but if things don’t at least start looking better soon, I hope he doesn’t get too comfortable.


NON-BCS 5-for-5

Ball State, Tulsa, Boise State, Utah, and BYU are the five undefeated teams in the conferences outside of the BCS. All five played this past weekend, and all five are still perfect.

Only BYU and Utah still face each other, so at least one of them will fall eventually. Remember, only one non-BCS school can get an automatic berth in a BCS bowl, but that doesn’t mean the others couldn’t be among those that make up the at-large teams.


Wanted: Kicker for Fresno State

Forget the BCS now, Fresno. You can probably forget the conference championship, too. But what I want to know is what’s up with the kicking game?

At the end of regulation, Fresno State had the chance to win it with less than a minute, and the kick was blocked. In overtime, the kick attempt went wide to the left. But wait, there was a penalty, and the Bulldogs got another try. Kick is up. Wide right? Seriously?

Oh, by the way, even if you struggle a little this year, keep an eye on your coach or you may lose him to a bigger school.


Arizona Flip-Flop

The season started with Arizona State ranked and Arizona with a coach on the hot seat. Now at near-midseason, Arizona is on top of the Pac-10 race and Arizona State has three losses and is heading to USC this week for a probable fourth.

While it may be a bad time to be a Sun Devil, the Wildcat Bandwagon is starting to get full. Don’t forget you get to hang with the Hoff on that wagon.


OK, Now I Believe the Terrelle Pryor Hype

I said I wanted more proof than beating Troy. Minnesota was a nice home win, but I was still wondering, given what little Minnesota did last season and little competition they have had so far this season. Going to Wisconsin and getting the win is all I needed to sell me on this kid.


Vanderbilt Hype, Too

I asked Vandy to prove it, too. I said I would give the Commodores the benefit of the doubt for now, but I wanted to see them beat Auburn. They did. Not by a lot and not in very pretty fashion, but they won. Now Vanderbilt is 5-0 and leading the SEC East.


Shut Up and Play the Game

How many players and coaches and whoever have been caught up and started talking about how they can do this or that, only to be shown up and wrong. Not just wrong, but badly wrong.

Saying how you hate another school (Stanford’s Marinelli), how you can shut out a top five program (Nebraska coach Bo Pelini) or upset the No. 1 team (Baylor’s Smith) isn't too smart. Play the game, get it done, stop putting your foot in your mouth.


You Can’t Punt on North Carolina

Or at least it seems that way. Not when Bruce Carter is on the field. Carter blocked three punts in a row against Connecticut. And that was just the last game.

In the game against Miami, he also blocked one. In his last punt block against UConn, teammate Matt Merletti was able to recover the ball for a touchdown.