What The Husk Just Happened? Mizzou Romps in Lincoln 52-17

Peter FleischerSenior Writer IOctober 5, 2008

I'm not normally like this, but I have to say that I wished the Tigers had continued to run up the score on the Nebraska Cornhuskers last night. Never before have I heard so much smack talking before a game only to watch a team get blown out at home.

Well, it was fun for the Missouri end. The Tigers showed no signs of rust after the bye week that led up to conference play, and Chase Daniel made good on his claim to avoid an upset on the road.

-Pelini might get stuff together soon in Lincoln, but the Huskers looked absolutely stupid on Saturday. Coaches were bragging about how they had some special formulas to stop the Tigers, but it was quite the opposite.

The Tigers did literally whatever they wanted. They gave up zero sacks. They scored 52 points before the end of the third quarter. Maybe the Huskers should bark a little quieter next time.

-For openers, how beautiful was that Jeremy Maclin touchdown to open the game? I literally heard the "greatest fans in the world" die as he did that. It was a great way to send a message, and Maclin proved that he is probably the most dynamic player in the nation. He completely took the crowd out of the game.

-Chase Daniel wasn't the player of the day, and that's saying something, because he had a monster performance in front of a hostile crowd. He went 18/23 for 253 yards and three TDs, almost disappointing for a player that should be considered the Heisman favorite at this point of the season.

-Every game I watch Derrick Washington, I feel better about next year. He had a tremendous game on national TV, something that can only help to dispel the rumor that the Tigers don't run the ball. D-Wash had 152 total yards and three TDs, but averaged 9.9 yards a carry! That's amazing.

-I think the Missouri defense made a statement last night. Nebraska's offense is good, and they were held to 10 real points (their last TD came as time expired). Ziggy Hood was all over the place, William Moore looked good in his return, and Brock Christopher scored the fourth TD for a Missouri linebacker this season.

-Willy Mo looked good last night. He is essential to success for the Tigers, so I was glad to see him flying all over making plays. The Tiger defense is exponentially better with him in the lineup.

-Finally healthy, the depth at defensive line is HUGE for Missouri. Seeing Brian Coulter, Dominique Hamilton, Terrell Resonno, and Jacquies Smith step up is so impressive because they can give the starters a rest and still get pressure on the quarterback. I really like what I saw from all four of them.

-P.S. Marlon Lucky: Shut up.