The 11 Best 11s of College Football, Week Seven: Separating Chaff from Wheat

BabyTateSenior Writer IOctober 4, 2008

                                        THE 11 BEST 11s (WEEK SEVEN)

When the calendar turns to October, you separate the men from the boys on the gridiron.

There is a quote from Fielding Yost, the great Michigan coach, that puts the matter in perspective: "October is when you separate the chaff from the wheat."

The following list of the best teams in the country demonstrates how appropriate that quote still is. 

1. Oklahoma Sooners                                                         Rank Last Week– #1

It's possible this is the greatest of all Oklahoma teams, and that would be quite a feat since they once won 47 games in a row (see picture above of 1957 Sooners).

2. Penn State Nittany Lions                                              Rank Last Week– #2

With each passing week, the youngsters grow stronger. Will they be strong enough to give Joe Paterno his sixth unbeaten season and third national championship?

3. Missouri Tigers                                                                Rank Last Week–#5

Destruction of Nebraska on the road. The beating accomplished two things: One, it jumps the Tigers over Alabama and LSU. Two, it makes Nebraska question its program.

4. Alabama Crimson Tide     Rank Last Week–#3

Did the Tide peak in the first half at Georgia? Unimpressive second half in Athens coupled with lackluster performance against Kentucky raises questions about consistency.

5. Southern Cal Trojans      Rank Last Week–#8

Now that they've got their power back, they are coming to destroy a football power near you. If they play like they did against Oregon, nothing in the country can touch them.

6. LSU Tigers      Rank Last Week–#4

Sometimes timing is everything, and it's too bad the Tigers took the week off when Southern Cal and Missouri played so well and Auburn, LSU's signature victim, fell to Vanderbilt.

7. Ohio State Buckeyes  Rank Last Week–#9

Baby, they're back! And Penn State's got 'em on the 25th. Sensational Freshman QB Terrelle Pryor is giving the Buckeyes the talent and leadership they lacked at Southern Cal.

8. Texas Tech Red Raiders                                                  Rank Last Week–#6

This team has the offense to stay with Missouri, the coaching to hang with Oklahoma, and the talent to play with Texas. The big question is, will they fold up as usual?

9. Texas Longhorns                                                               Rank Last Week-#7

I didn't see anything in their win over Colorado that I didn't see from Florida State the week before when they handled the Buffaloes.

10. Brigham Young Cougars                                               Rank Last Week–#10

Very uninspired performance against Utah State, supposedly a state rival. Another performance like that and the Cougars get booted to the porch.

11. (TIE) Florida and Georgia                                             Rank Last Week–#11

My intention is to leave them here tied until they play each other or, lose to someone else. Impressive wins over top teams can move either back up the ladder.

ON THE PORCH: Boise State, Utah, Tulsa, and California

Conference Breakdown Of 11 Best 11s:

SEC–4, BIG12–4, BIG10–2, PAC10–1, MOUNTAIN WEST–1 (12 Teams Due To Tie)